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SoftwareReviews: Safetica is a DLP Emotional Footprint Award Champion

DLP software users evaluated how they feel about their products across 26 dimensions, from vendor-client relationship to product effectiveness. Safetica and McAfee DLP both placed in the Champion Quadrant.

In February, SoftwareReviews published their Emotional Footprint Awards 2022. Safetica and McAfee were the only companies to reach the Championship Quadrant for Best Data Loss Prevention Software.

Safetica: DLP Diamond Champion

With 53 reviews, Safetica earned a +95% emotional footprint. The only other DLP provider to place in the DLP Diamond was McAfee DLP.  McAfee received 20 reviews and had a final score of +98%.

This is what Safetica customers think of us. And we are very proud of it.

  • Service Experience 
    Safetica was highly rated as respectful, caring, time saving.

  • Conflict Resolution
    Customers appreciated client-friendly policies, altruism, and trustworthiness of Safetica.

  • Negotiations and Contracts
    Users believe Safetica is generous, transparent, friendly in negotiations, and that they over deliver and put client’s interests first.

  • Strategy and Innovation
    According to users, Safetica helps innovate, is continually improving, includes product enhancements, is inspiring.

  • Product Impact
    Users consider Safetica performance enhancing and protecting security.

    (Safetica placed in the top two in each of the areas above.)

We at Safetica believe that data protection should make running your business easier, not harder. We are very pleased that our customers agree that we make their bussines more secure – and that our cooperation is a pleasant and nice experience.

Richard Brulík

About Version 2
Version 2 is one of the most dynamic IT companies in Asia. The company develops and distributes IT products for Internet and IP-based networks, including communication systems, Internet software, security, network, and media products. Through an extensive network of channels, point of sales, resellers, and partnership companies, Version 2 offers quality products and services which are highly acclaimed in the market. Its customers cover a wide spectrum which include Global 1000 enterprises, regional listed companies, public utilities, Government, a vast number of successful SMEs, and consumers in various Asian cities.

About Safetica
Safetica is to provide small and mid-sized companies with the same quality data protection that corporations have – affordably, and without any additional IT administration or disruptions in operation.



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