Designed For Everyday Heroes, Built For It Professionals.

All-in-one RMM and PSA platform.

RMM Software, Remote Access, IT Automations, Patch Management, Scripting, Ticketing, and Reporting.

RMM Software, Remote Access, IT Automations, Patch Management, Scripting, Ticketing, and Reporting.

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Everything You Need To Get To Where You Want To Be.

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Devices under management


Scripts, shared in our library

Designed For Everyday Heroes, Built For It Professionals.

All-in-one RMM and PSA platform.

RMM Software, Remote Access, IT Automations, Patch Management, Scripting, Ticketing, and Reporting.

RMM Software, Remote Access, IT Automations, Patch Management, Scripting, Ticketing, and Reporting.

Next-generation Customers

Everything You Need To Get To Where You Want To Be.

Welcome To The Next Level Of It






Devices under management


Scripts, shared in our library

Remote Monitoring And Management Software

The all-in-one Remote Monitoring and Management software (RMM) that offers full visibility and control to upgrade your IT management from reactive to proactive with a single solution.

Real-time monitoring and alerts

Monitor system activity in real-time, and scale up to manage as many customers, devices, or sites as you need. With automated alerts and thresholds for different device types, get full visibility into device or group behaviors that keep you ahead of the game and two steps ahead of any looming incidents. Set specific alert thresholds for different device types customized according to user preferences, and stay on top of:

  • System resources
  • Logged-in users
  • Network & IP Monitoring
  • SNMP Monitoring
  • Windows updates
  • SQL Server
  • Exchange
  • Active Directory
  • Hyper-V & SNMP enabled devices

IT automation

Let Atera’s remote monitoring software do the hard work so you can focus on the smart work. Automate manual and repetitive tasks by setting IT automation profiles and assigning them to different devices and/or end-users. Free up your and/or your technician’s time to add value better invested elsewhere. Atera offers threshold profiles, which can automatically take action based on a trigger. It’s even possible to create an onboarding profile (with software bundles) and assign them to each new agent. Our robust script library has hundreds of scripts, all of which can be run directly from Atera using PowerShell, CMD files, and more.

  • Create System Restore Point
  • Delete Temp Files
  • Delete Internet History
  • Reboot
  • Shutdown
  • Defragment (All disks)
  • Run Chkdsk(All disks)
  • Run Full System Scan
  • Check for New Updates
  • Running custom scripts, or those from Atera’s shared script library

Patch management

Atera manages all OS patches for Windows and Mac, and also integrates with Chocolatey and Homebrew to automate software installation, patching and updates for a wide range of software. Program your playground just the way you like it, and install exactly what you need in terms of OS and hardware, down to scheduling a reboot at the right time where and when necessary, or creating granular software bundles with exactly what you need for each specific use case. Benefit from:

Run Windows Update: All / Critical / Important / Security.
Run Windows Update: Service Pack
Install Microsoft Office Updates
Install Driver Updates (Hardware)
Install Java updates
Install Adobe updates
Reboot If Needed
Exclude patches

Advanced remote maintenance

From Task Manager to Service Manager and Command Prompt Access, you have total maintenance capabilities right at the touch of a button. See for yourself, and check it out now for free. Uninstall applications, run scripts, install patches and run virtually any command you’ll ever need from Atera’s remote management software.

Integrated remote access with Splashtop and AnyDesk

You already know that today’s office environment is constantly reinventing itself, and rarely stays within a traditional four-walled setting. Thankfully the post-pandemic remote working landscape has added another weapon to your arsenal, and triggered a real need for IT professionals to facilitate remote access from anywhere. Atera integrates with Splashtop, AnyDesk, TeamViewer and ConnectWise.

  • Access desktops, servers, applications, files and data with ease
  • Share screens, send files, and establish remote control
  • Use AnyDesk to record a shared screen
  • Securely log in from anywhere, globally
  • Open Remote Desktop from a device, ticket or alert for quick time to value
    Allow employees and end-users to remotely access their work PC from home
  • Chat with users in real-time to resolve issues

Asset and inventory scanning

Take a step back to get a real sense, as well as a complete overview of all the assets you’re responsible for, including who has governance and control, where documentation is kept, and your whole strategy from easy onboarding until the final frontier of your IT ecosystem.

  • Hardware distribution
  • Software inventory
  • Operating System distribution
  • MS Office distribution
  • Antivirus type, update, and license status
  • HDD Usage and alerting on upgrade required
  • Hardware (CPU, Memory) type, size, and alert on upgrade required
  • Detailed Server and Workstation configuration and status

Reporting and analytics

Unfortunately the nature of the job means that as an IT professional, your work remains all too often behind the scenes, and misses out on the kudos it deserves. Hold up, since when did that mean you couldn’t take things to the next level? For your own business growth, you need to show customers or executives just how far you’re moving the needle. How? Simple, Atera’s wide range of reports and analytics that allow you to set and keep track of data-driven goals, including:

  • System health at-a-glance
  • Specific customer health
  • Agent health
  • System inventory audit
  • Microsoft Licensing

Complete Activity Log

Every single action or command that you or any other user issued is automatically logged into the main database. Review them all at your convenience, and at any time with total traceability so you can really keep a 360° view of what’s going on inside your IT systems.

SNMP Monitoring

With automatic OID monitoring on Linux-based devices (routers, firewalls, PCs, etc.) you now have the capacity to monitor all of your printers, RAIDs, routers, and other SNMP devices, out-of-the-box.

IT documentation

Supercharge your written business records with Atera’s powerful IT documentation capabilities.

  • Automate and simplify onboarding and onboarding procedures
  • Effortless password management
  • Create and customize your own knowledge base
  • Link assets for easy navigation

Custom Assets just the way you like

Add your assets, categorize your assets, and create asset types, to manage your unmonitored devices the way you want to.

Linux Remote Monitoring and Management for deeper visibility

Utilize Atera’s next-level Linux agent to gain complete visibility and control over your Linux environments seamlessly!

Patch Management

Next-generation patch management means you’ll no longer have hundreds of valuable hours wasted each cycle. Add Atera’s automation secret sauce to the mix, and you can now create customized schedules for each endpoint, achieving cybersecurity best-practices for hardware, software, and OS, as well as gaining complete control over a busy IT environment.

What is Patch Management?

Vendors have their own schedule for releasing patches and updates, and as an IT professional, your name and reputation is on the line when it comes to ensuring that this doesn’t impact your end-user’s business. Patch management is the IT industry’s blanket term for how you install and manage patches in an IT environment.

  • Ensure software, hardware, and OS are up to date
  • Configure preferences for Microsoft updates
  • Keep to cybersecurity best practices
  • Avoid disruptions to business continuity
  • Automate patch installs to save time
  • Handle crucial driver updates
  • Get notified about available patches for all your managed devices

Comprehensive reporting

Atera’s reporting suite for Patch Management ensures you’re always two steps ahead. Three powerful reports provide granular information on patching posture, and you can even install missing patches from within the reports.

  • Patch Search and Deploy allows you to search based on customer, knowledgebase, description, or agent.
  • Patch Status Summary shows all up-to-date agents, and a complete list of missing patches.
  • Patch Automation Feedback highlights any patches that didn’t work, so you can tweak settings for full coverage.

IT automation

By automating patching for your IT environment, you can radically reduce the risk of cyberattacks. Simply put, if a vendor has announced a vulnerability, you can bet your bottom dollar that the hackers have heard it too. Added benefits include increasing devices’ lifespan, reducing downtime, and ensuring business continuity. With one-click onboarding and even a checkbox to apply to “newly installed devices”, setup and onboarding of new devices is now easier, speedier, safer, and more automated than ever.

  • Set schedules at a regular cadence for full flexibility and maintenance control
  • Separate out tasks for different device groups
  • Ensure critical third-party applications like Adobe are upto-date
  • Automate software installation using Chocolatey for Windows and HomeBrew for Mac
  • Automate maintenance tasks such as disk defrag, scheduled reset, and cleanups
  • Create specific IT automation profiles
  • See at a glance if a patch didn’t update as planned

Software bundles

Software bundles can be created once, and then used thereafter for critical repeatable tasks such as onboarding or setting up a new user in a specific department. Working smarter starts with working faster. Speed up the way you work by using automations at scale.

  • Create customized software bundles for different groups
  • Free up technicians to add more strategic value
  • Install new software across multiple endpoints
  • One-click install of patches across a software bundle
  • Exclude patches where necessary for full control
  • Automatically deploy existing bundles on new agents and devices

Network Discovery

Atera’s Network Discovery provides a comprehensive security scan and complete view of all of your end-user networks and devices, automatically updating to ensure you always see the full picture. Providing updates at-a-glance, with the Network Discovery software add-on you have real-time visibility of all the digital assets and open ports within your monitored networks, irrespective of network firewalls. Smart, eh?

What is Network Discovery?

The environments you’re monitoring and maintaining are never static, and there are always new IT assets that come under your control. As a manual task, this is nearly impossible. Network Discovery automatically monitors your Workgroup and Domain Controller (DC) networks, identifies and lists every asset and component of an IT environment, and uncovers upselling opportunities that you can take directly to your customers.

  • Onboarding: get a complete snapshot of a new environment, ready to be used as an intelligent baseline
  • Security: any new device could signal a serious breach. Be the first to see any addition to the network, in real-time
  • Opportunities: make it easier to add services for new endpoints and add support exactly where it’s needed

Absolute security

Network Discovery is a powerful tool for ensuring airtight security in an IT environment. With our Network Discovery software, you can immediately mitigate cyber threats, such as viewing unmonitored devices, as well as those behind on patching, or those that do not have Antivirus installed. Think of Network Discovery like an always-on security guard who never misses a trick.

  • Set up alerts for unmonitored workstations, servers, and SNMP devices
  • Automate notifications for new devices connecting to the network
  • Immediately know about scanning agents that go offline or whose IP address changes unexpectedly
  • Manage BYOD and unchecked Shadow IT

Port scanning and potential CVEs

Open ports signal a risk to your IT environment, and can be open doors to attackers and anyone with malicious intent. By mapping the entire attack surface of your network using Network Discovery, IT pros can reduce this attack surface to a minimum by eliminating any unnecessary open ports.

  • Avoid the manual workload of multiple firewall user interfaces
  • Get all port information from all networks automatically in and in one place
  • Test intrusion detection systems with a thorough port scan
  • Ensure the full security health of your environment

Active Directory and Workgroups scanning

By integrating with Windows Active Directory Domain Services, Network Discovery can access information about devices and users on a specific domain or subdomain. On top of that, use Network Discovery for Workgroups to get a breakdown of all assets and devices across a Local Area Network (LAN). You’re multiplying visibility tenfold.

  • Monitor Active Directory devices
  • View connected devices across a LAN
  • Breakdown information across a workgroup, including OS versions, workstations, servers, and SNMP devices

Dynamic graphs and reports

For all Network Discovery scans, reports provide a complete picture of everything IT professionals need in order to effectively monitor their environments, including device types, workstation or server status, OS platform, and monitoring status. For Domain Controller scans, you’ll also see the aging of the OS, and information on device storage.

  • Device types
  • Workstation/server status
  • OS platform
  • Monitoring status
  • OS aging (Domain controller scans only)
  • Storage (Domain controller scans only)

Customer onboarding

Atera has one of the most comprehensive and in-depth Network Discovery tools on the market. Simply select your scanning agent, and by clicking Discover, your scan will begin, by default running once each day for complete visibility.

  • Run multiple scans simultaneously on multiple sub-networks for faster results
  • Set Network Discovery scans to run once each day, or at your own regular schedule for total flexibility
  • Create a complete picture of your environment, both as a baseline and to compare against a real-time view
  • Automatically install Atera Agents on supported devices, found in Scan Results
  • Find opportunities for IT support such as aging storage disks, old OS versions, or unmonitored assets

Helpdesk, Billing, And Reporting (Psa)

Effortlessly optimize the way you communicate with your end users, and manage them all from a single intuitive dashboard with Atera’s professional service automation software. Ticketing, accounting, reports, and much more. Atera’s signature all-in-one 360° view is the next-level of PSA mastery.

Helpdesk and ticketing

Presenting your very own brand new, hyper-pink control station. A busy IT environment calls for next-generation dispatching, and Atera’s robust PSA software offers you just that with customized automation that streamlines the way you work.

  • Email to ticket functionality
  • Manage your helpdesk on the go with our native Mobile App, including deleting tickets straight from the app
  • Schedule tickets ahead of time
  • Add recurring tickets
  • Use quick reply templates
  • 7 ways to create tickets
  • Calendar integrations (Office 365 and Google Calendar)
  • Connect to devices directly from within tickets with the click of a button
  • Automatically generate tickets from alerts, keep everything neatly documented, and don’t lose out on any billable hours

Customer Portal

Tightly synchronized with Atera’s predictive and intuitive ticketing UI, the Customer Portal is where the magic happens. From a robust knowledgebase for self-serve opportunities, to a comprehensive view of tickets and communications, we’ve got you covered.

  • Provide employee or customer training
  • Track open communications
  • View tickets across teams
  • Offer self-serve and troubleshooting
  • White-label functionality
  • Sync your contacts with Azure AD

Flexible contracts and billing

Seamless billing integrations are the must-have value-add for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) who want to take their business to where it can be. Create contracts for customers that align directly to their needs, keep track of different rates, and offer transparent SLAs for ultimate customer satisfaction. Sit back and watch those customer