Simplifying network visiblity and asset inventory for security and IT teams

runZero, a network discovery and asset inventory solution, was founded in 2018 by HD Moore, the creator of Metasploit. HD envisioned a modern active discovery solution that could find and identify everything on a network–without credentials. As a security researcher and penetration tester, he often employed benign ways to get information leaks and piece them together to build device profiles. Eventually, this work led him to leverage applied research and the discovery techniques developed for security and penetration testing to create runZero.

Company Mission

Discovery is the first step to building the asset inventory needed for effective IT and security programs. Yet, most organizations struggle to obtain a true inventory of all the devices and services running in their networks. runZero’s mission is to make discovery as easy and safe as possible, so organizations know everything they have on their network and in the cloud.

Why runZero

deploy runZero anywhere, on any platform, in minutes

SaaS or self-hosted: choose the deployment model that works for you. No agents, credentials, traffic captures, netflows, span ports, or network taps needed. Just deploy the runZero Explorer (a lightweight scan engine) to carry out scan operations and upload data to the console.

Get the
most accurate data about any asset on your network

runZero provides critical context and data needed by incident response and security teams to accelerate decision making. Never wonder what an IP address is ever again. Instantly search your inventory for answers.

Use runZero as a standalone or with other IT & security solutions

Enrich runZero asset inventory with data from other IT and security solutions, like CMDBs, MDMs, and EDRs. Integrate runZero with your existing technology stack to achieve greater visibility of assets and services across your network.