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Pandora FMS NG 772 LTS “Renaissance”


These release notes describe the new features, improvements, and bugs fixed in Pandora FMS NG 772 LTS, also known as Renaissance.

Regular versions (RRR) are monthly versions that bring together many changes and new features. They are ideal for those users who need to be up to date and are not afraid to find some unpolished detail. LTS versions are aimed at consolidating all changes of the RRR versions and offering maximum stability. The previous LTS is  version 767 called Hope.

For more information on previous versions, visit the version notes section on our website. For information on minimum system requirements, please visit the installation section of our official documentation .


Notable improvements

Dozens of new features have been implemented since the previous LTS. Below, we list the most relevant ones that have been incorporated into Renaissance. It should be noted that version 772 itself does not include any further improvements from version 771, but focuses on bug fixes.

Improved security of credential storage

From version 768 Pandora FMS encrypts user password hashing using the CRYPT_BLOWFISH algorithm.

New dashboard widget: Data Matrix

In version 768, a new widget called “Data Matrix” has been added. This widget allows you to represent the values of the selected modules in an array.
Pandora FMS data matrix

Command Center Sound Alerts

Release 768 added the feature of setting up audible alerts in the Command Center, similar to that of nodes.

New visual console indicator: Orange frame

In release 768, we recover the feature from version 6 that consists of the ability to display an orange frame around certain elements of the visual console when the agent or module has an alert activated. In addition, recursive elements have been added that reflect the status of another visual console.

Custom filters for monitor view

In version 769, we added custom filters to the monitors view, which can be saved and retrieved by the user. These filters are similar to the custom filters used in events.

Custom filters for log viewer (audit viewer)

Like the custom event filter, a filter has been implemented in the audit event viewer that allows you to load searches and filter by user, action, source IP address, and comments.

New manual installer

Although the automatic installation method has reduced its use, we decided to start the renewal of the interface from its base, so we fully renewed the manual installer.

New Interface

In version 770, we initiated a global and significant change. It is not only about giving the console a new look, but a complete transformation in usability: menus, filters, listings, and forms among others. Since it is such a radical change, we decided to release it two versions before the LTS to fix the inevitable flaws that arise from this revolution.

Both Pandora FMS and the Command Center have experienced these changes, from the home screens to each of the system screens.

NetFlow monitoring

In 770 we added a new way to create monitoring data by applying NetFlow filters to get information. This allows for example, to identify when traffic exceeds forecasts and show the list of the ten IPs with the highest traffic in each flow. You may also set up real-time alerts on traffic volume, generate reports and create specific graphs for each defined filter.

Choose the server that executes a scheduled task

In 770 we added the possibility of selecting which server should execute a specific recognition task if there are several Discovery servers, which will allow you to ensure load distribution when necessary.

New HA system

With version 770, we launched a new database HA system for the database that allows Pandora FMS to be 100% geographically distributed. The redundant database nodes can be on different networks, separated by many kilometers. The new High Availability (HA) system 100% integrated into the interface is managed right away from the console, enabling the “switchover” feature and automatically detecting events such as failures and synchronizations.

It is even capable of overcoming a “split brain” event with a subsequent merging of data from locations that continued working, even after de-synchronization. This ensures that Pandora FMS continues operating independently, even in the event of a general network outage.

The new system can be selected in the setup and completely replaces the old system, getting rid of the need to use third-party solutions such as corosync and pacemaker. This greatly simplifies its operation.

Pandora FMS new HA

Support for the sFlow protocol

In version 770, the sFlow protocol is added to the NetFlow® protocol in real-time network flow analysis tasks.

Improved agent search system

In version 770 we improved the search system, to also use the custom fields of the agent, operating system and any custom field. These filters can be loaded/retrieved, making navigation between data much more convenient and customizable.

Favorite system

In version 770 we added a favorite system, so that certain elements of the view, such as an agent view, group view, visual console, dashboard, or report, can be flagged as favorites and can be viewed in a new menu section.

New group tactical view

In version 770 we added a new group summary view that allows to better see the details of each group when there are several.

“Event cardboard” widget

In version 770 we added a colored card widget, with an event count, both in the nodes and in Command Center (Metaconsole), according to filtering rules based on type of events, event status, criticality and/or severity, groups, etc. (and by servers and/or nodes if requested by the Command Center).

Event cardboard

Heatmap widget

In version 770 we added a widget, similar to the “Heatmap” view, which embeds in a variable size widget the information in pixel maps of the state of groups, agents or modules previously filtered by group.

Pandora FMS heatmap widget

New average value/max/min widget

In version 770 we added a new widget that shows the average (AVG), maximum (MAX) or minimum (MIN) value of a module, as well as the SUM (SUM) of an incremental type module. These values can be displayed along with your measure unit and a descriptive label in a given time period (by default, the last 30 days).

Welcome tips system

In version 770, a system of welcome tips was implemented, short messages that are displayed when logging into PFMS web console (Welcome tips). Those tips can be completely customized to include service tips offered with Pandora FMS to users or customers and supports multi-language.

“Modules by status” widget

In version 770 the “Modules by status” widget was added showing the modules according to their status, sorted according to their last status change, showing first the most recent ones.

Simple graph widget

In version 771 we added another widget to the dashboard, which shows a simplified graph of any monitored metrics. Both the color and the size of each element are configurable:

New agent deployment wizard

In version 771 we added an agent installation wizard, so that an inexperienced user can easily deploy agents in Windows, Linux or Mac environments.

Custom filters for the log viewer

In version 771, as in events, modules and audits, it is now possible to save a filter and reuse it. This filter can also be used in log reports.

New welcome message on Web console

Replacing the message that had been with us for more than four years and adding a pinch of poetry in the IT world.
web console

New features and improvements

N/A1270Automatic cascade deletion of children, grandchildren, etc. modules.
N/A1841Added SO filtering to policies.


    • Related: 10510.
New feature to be able to choose the server (nodes and Command Center) when executing a CronJob task.
N/A6290Added an ID field to the Software Agent repository view. In addition, the text was changed in agent deployment.
115107172Added author field to XML file for RSS events.
N/A7250Improved the web editor display of pandora_server.conf .
N/A7386Modified API call management in order to hide the access credentials to it.
N/A8535Cluster monitoring for Enterprise to Open.
N/A8538Azure monitoring is improved.
N/A8558Inventory feature becomes open source.
N/A8619Added new widget to dashboards: “Data matrix”.
N/A8755Modified the possibility of editing server plugins once they are deployed.
133298770Added the possibility of having bandwidth in absolute value in the network-bandwidth plugin.
N/A8809Added Custom SQL report type to the Command Center.
134688849Added the option to create a custom Link agent field.
137868854Included audible event alerts in the Command Center.
N/A8909In reports, custom intervals for averages, minimums, and maximums can be modified.
N/A9002Deleted transactional monitoring (transactional server).
N/A9047Functional and aesthetic improvements in Audit View.
N/A9059Visual correction of label and input in the agent group view.
N/A9069The schedule downtime filter has been visually rearranged.


    • Related: 10628 and the major improvements in this bulletin 770.
New welcome tips system when logging into PFMS Web Console.
N/A9090Added manual query to transform old “custom_data” from plain text to base64.
N/A9113Added HTTPS support for API CHECKER.
N/A9120Included the “not” button for a free text search in the events view.
N/A9135Included the possibility of searching by name and user ID in events.
N/A9152Added the option to enable modules in bulk in agent views.
138299175Password protection in modules to prevent their viewing by users who do not have rights to do so.
138439196Added service item editing to the Metaconsole.
N/A9219Removed configuration file editing in the collection holding or plugin in NMS licensed policy.
N/A9220NMS Enterprise license update. See their features at:
N/A9242Spanish translation of the help text to register a new plugin.
138849246Added new macro _group_contact_ in event responses.
N/A9270In Monitoring Interface View a button has been added to display graphs made up by incremental modules called inOctets and outOctects.
N/A9286Deleted the service forcing button for child services.
138309292Improved trap saving and representation in the SNMP view so as not to lose performance when increasing the number of elements to be displayed.
140219323Added the possibility of choosing the ability to represent full numerical data in reports.
140219325Added the possibility of choosing the representation of the thousand unit.
N/A9410Improved the Enterprise Cisco Inventory configuration plugin.
N/A9412Making visual modifications to remote configuration of Satellite servers to make it easier to use.
N/A9447Added entry control to the CLI –create_event call.
N/A9463Improved network map linking.
141449464Enlarged the text box to display the full label in the Command Center event view.


    • Related: 6429
Added module creation button in the tree view in Monitoring for the Command Center (Metaconsole).
N/A9505Improvements in Omnishell interface.
N/A9509Alerts and messages on different places notify the user if libraries are needed for Omnishell.
N/A9516Modified agent plugin editing in policies.


    • Related: 10594 and 10595
Implemented a new template in custom SQL (Reports menu), which returns the name of those modules that do not have the safe operation mode field active. See more examples in the official documentation.


    • Related: 9370.
In the Enterprise version, the ability to configure User Timezone setup has been added for users who authenticate using LDAP. This allows you to set a different time zone than that of Pandora FMS server, in case there is a time difference.
N/A9530Reinstated triggered alert representation through orange boxes.
N/A9535The cluster monitoring feature becomes OpenSource.
N/A9554Changed pie chart representation.


    • Related: 11045
Fully reviewed and improved Pandora FMS Web Console mobile view.
142679557Added private dashboard automatic removal when deleting the associated user.
N/A9587Added double search in the agents view to filter between modules and alerts.
N/A9618Added the option to be able to see the IP with which a remote module is running from the agent view.
N/A9622Each agent now has a section for Omnishell and can see the commands executed on it. It will only appear when there is a task for that agent.


    • Related: 10787
Added the possibility of monitoring through SFlow.
N/A9643Pandora-exec implementation for modern Windows (such as wmic).
N/A9645It allows to add a separate SAP license for each agent for very detailed monitoring.


    • Related: major improvements in this bulletin 770.
New widget: “Event cardboard”
N/A9672Added inventory plugins to monitor Aruba 3810M, Aruba 2930M PoE+ and Aruba 6300M 24SFP+ devices.
N/A9673Tentacle server installation verifies the dependencies in detail and shows which dependencies are required for the successful installation of the product.
N/A9675Modified unification notices so that they only fire in the strictly necessary cases.
N/A9676Inventory modules are now updated when an XML arrives named but without data. The goal is to create specific and well detailed reports.
N/A9680New widget: “Modules by status”.
N/A9698New plugin to send messages with Pushover.
N/A9709Changed the admin user to be created as local by default.
N/A9713Added button to show the actual path in a modal window in Pandora FMS file manager.
N/A9740Added the mail configuration feature to the Command Center.
N/A9763Improved asynchronous service performance and synchronization.
N/A9778Improved error log for agent plugins.


    • Related: 14958


    • Related: 9804
Timestamp date and time merging in event creation with PFMS 1.0 API.
N/A9819Added an Acoustic Console to configure custom sounds for event audible alerts.
N/A9859New dashboard widget named Avg|Sum|Max|Min Module data.
N/A9878Added multiple server selection is added to event filter editing (Meta).
N/A9801Added block in PDF/CSV/JSON file generation so as not to be able to generate more than one in parallel and thus not affect the tool’s performance.
N/A9816When sending alerts by email, macro _moduledata _X_ has been improved and if the data contains an image, it detects it and sends it as an image.
N/A9847Improved remote inventory plugin for Windows to use binary pandorawmic.
N/A9868Removed the footer and replaced it with the section “About”.
N/A9883Monitoring inventory reports have been improved both in their options and in their interface. Improvements are also included for the Command Center (Metaconsole).
N/A9884Custom filters can be saved and retrieved in the monitor view, which implies applying MR number 61.
N/A9903Removed the possibility of having different profiles with the same name.


    • Related: 10831 and 10690.
Added PANDORA_agent_SSL token for the online agent installation, which allows encrypted communications with PFMS server.


    • Related: 9913
Submenu added for services checked as favorites in the Command Center (Metaconsole).
N/A9971The “Icon” element of the visual consoles can now be edited.
N/A9984Corrected/changed the recon parameter order with SNMP v3.
N/A9987Improved inventory view and its filters.
N/A9991Changed the “skin” label to “theme” in user editing.
N/A10008Improved search management in agent view, monitor view and event view, with the possibility to save queries for their reuse.
N/A10010New option for the Log viewer in the Search field: it is unchecked by default to show only the lines that match the search. If checked, the full log matching the search is displayed.
N/A10014Custom filters for log viewer, which involves applying MR number 61.
1466210016Added new features for monitoring in the OpenShift plugin for Pandora FMS Enterprise version.
N/A10017Enabled the DRDA port for connection in the Informix plugin: this allows remote monitoring.
N/A10025Added option in the online installer to install the latest LTS version.
N/A10037Improvements in server auto-monitoring.
1468910039Improved agent name display in the Metaconsole monitor view.
N/A10053By CLI PFMS the command   delete_module now recursively deletes the descendants of the deleted module.
N/A10055Recursion is added in the module deletion notice, showing all modules that depend on the module to be deleted.
N/A10057Enabled the _agentcustomfield_X_ macro for use with ICMP Enterprise and SNMP Enterprise servers.
N/A10067Added the option to filter for triggered alerts both in the tree view widget  and the triggered alerts tree view.
1451910070In the Command Center (Metaconsole) the display of the execution status of pandora_db is added, specifically in the performance section (Setup -> Performance).
N/A10076Added direct link to the attachments (File manager) to the plugins section (new tab created for this purpose).
N/A10082Changed/improved the dual module search tooltip in the agents view.
1473910092Not normal (covering states Critical and Warning) filter in both agent and module states for the Tree View widget in Dashboards.
N/A10093New policy maintenance mode when running database maintenance (pandora_db).
N/A10096Adapted plugin to be able to run it externally.
N/A10098Improved PHP version 7 Composer error control when upgrading to Pandora FMS 768 (PHP7 not supported).
N/A10101If it is intended to change from md5 to sha (access credentials) it is checked if the table is varchar(60), if it is not, it stays in md5.
N/A10106When deleting a user all their open sessions are also deleted, in real time.
N/A10115LDAP authentication accepts special characters.


    • Related: 9938
Added an explicit save button for editing Visual Console elements.
N/A10138New graphical interface in the manual installer.


    • Related: 10104
Added message to indicate whether Chromium Extension is not installed (required for graphics display).
N/A10149New Exchange plugin (2016 or later) to filter and monitor email messages (an agent with two modules in each run for each added filter). Enterprise feature in the online library, documentation in Spanish in BookStack.


    • Related: 10023
Added an extra parameter to plugin pandora_snmp_bandwidth for the correct calculation of the bandwidth percentage when several interfaces are integrated.
N/A10166New indexes have been added to the database, especially useful for very large environments.
1448010175Event information window updates status appropriately on the General tab when performing validation (Acknowledge by…).
N/A10179New wizard for deploying Software Agents on Mac OS®, Unix® / Linux® and MS Windows®.


    • Related: 10011, 10012 and 10014
A filter has been implemented that can be saved and retrieved in both data view and reports.
N/A10186Improved the message when merging events through the Command Center. Now it takes into account the history database and reports on it.
N/A10189Improved the visual interface of the sound console button.
N/A10190Alerts can be managed from the sound console.
N/A10191Incorporated into the new PFMS interface sound alerts which open in a new window to minimize, maintain above everything else and allow you to continue browsing and working in PFMS web console without closing.


    • Related: 10236
The default value selected for Dynamic interval is set to none.
N/A10215Agent information when requested in heatmaps is now available in Pandora FMS Open version.
N/A10228Improved session management, particularly those related to API 1.0 PFMS which favors storage space in the database.
N/A10235Added new indexes to the database, especially useful for very large environments.
1493410236In bulk operations on modules, unless requested by the user, Dynamic interval is left intact, unchanged, when saving the requested operation.
N/A10248Relocated the “Save custom report to disk” option in Discovery, in section new console task creation.


    • Related: 10872 and work Item 8888
Added a token to disable orange boxes indicating alerts triggered in the Static image, Simple value, Icon and Group elements of Visual Consoles.
N/A10259Warning notice if there are more than 200 agents in the use of agent access statistics.


    • Related: 10502
Limited to 500 the number of items per page in the event list.


    • Related: 10029 and 10225
Improvement in the XML entry process in Pandora FMS Dataserver.
N/A10273New parameters in the plugin for Google Sheets: –creds_base64 and –cell .


    • Related: 9868
The “About” section loads faster.
N/A10283Visual enhancements for the filter in the SNMP Console.


    • Related: 9868.
Added the server time and date display in the “About” window.


    • Related: 10675.
New functionality that allows adding new server instances for very large environments and with powerful hardware available.
N/A10303Added an automated option to configure the location path of the fping command on the different operating systems used by PFMS server.


    • Related: 10175.
Added user information when setting an ‘In process’ event.


    • Related: 10671, 10734 and 10734
New favorites system in side menu for groups, dashboards, event filter, network maps, custom reports, visual consoles and agents.


    • Related: 10349
Fixed a “healthy” limit for number of modules in unknown status that are processed in each iteration.
N/A10347Improved the usability of Group Tactical View.
1381510355Added a maximum response time (token LDAP search timeout) when querying an LDAP server for authentication.


    • Related: Release notes 770
The event ID is now included when moving records to the history database for higher data control.
N/A10441Added package version in the head so that when updating the new JavaScript files will be added to the cache.
N/A10474Refined and visually enhanced the dynamic map (sunburst).
N/A10483Added the generation of a new CSRF token when logging out of PFMS.
N/A10514Plugin for monitoring clusters and SingleStore databases.
N/A10524Updated dependencies on Docker images for the Open version.


    • Related: 10840.
Fixed the display of all data for NetFlow, also removed the option to change the interval in the NetFlow form.
N/A10589Added an upgrade to SAP v1 Discovery to support new “Trial” licenses registered in PFMS.
N/A10633Added token (Check connection interval) for connection time with the server running the database engine.
N/A10638Network Links (Visual Console) show the value of data grouped in thousands and millions, as the case may be.


    • Related: 10553
Added date of volume snapshots taken from virtual machines, in the VMware® plugin.


    • Related: 11017 and “Notable improvements”
New Basic Chart widget


    • Related: 10830.
Added arping program as dependency needed for PFMS server.


    • Related: “New Interface” featured as notable improvement in this newsletter.
Renovation and improvement of the login screen in Pandora FMS.
N/A10714Improved inventory view export in CSV format when filters are applied to inventory modules, as well as improved the visual interface.
N/A10728Plugin to detect changes in the configuration of switches (Alcatel®, Cisco®) through SSH. Enterprise feature available in PFMS Library, documentation in Spanish in BookStack.


    • Related: 10951
In inventory reports, a REGEX keyword filter is added.
N/A10740In Heatmaps several improvements were added: in the agent view the information of the last contact and the progress bar in the detailed agent view with a graph included; in the module detail view when clicking now shows the date of the last data, value and status of the module; tag display now has better readability.


    • Related: 10663 and 11108.
The detection feature of operating systems has been improved by using NMap.


    • Related: 10988
Added dependency snmp-mib-downloader to translate the default MIBs and OIDs for the Ubuntu server operating system, when used to host and install Pandora FMS server.


    • Related: 9893.
Added feature in to support the new HA system for Ubuntu server 22.
1523010820Added a new token in the general settings, which comes by default disabled: If there is any event “In process” with a specific additional ID and a “New” event with that additional ID is received, it will be created as “In process”.
1513410833Fixed error in graphs in reports on chromium-111.0.5563.64-1. Checked that in prior versions chromium-common-109.0.5414.74-1 and chromium-109.0.5414.74-1 works correctly.


    • Related: 11020
Generated and hosted Docker-independent images in the official Pandora FMS repository for Selenium 3 WUX.
N/A10929Added new dependencies and new chromium version to the PFMS Docker images, both Open and Enterprise.


    • Related: 10975
Added MySQL 8.x by default as the current version for the database engine from version 771.
N/A10979External plugin for Grafana (en inglés) now comes by default installed in Pandora FMS.
N/A11123Renewed the image of message No data to show.
N/A11124Small changes and visual improvements have been made to the detailed agent view.
N/A11128Usability has been improved in the test connection buttons with integrations with eHorus and Integria IMS.


    • Related: 11425
Added edit button to servers in Metaconsole.
N/A11417The sound console has improved the visual appearance and on-screen distribution of its elements.

Known changes and limitations

Due to the arrival of EOL of version PHP 8.0, the LTS 772 “Renaissance” version is the latest version that supports these versions, PHP 8.2 being the official Pandora FMS version supported for the following ones.

Due to the arrival of EOL of MySQL 5.7 version (October 21, 2023), the LTS 772 “Renaissance” version is the latest version that supports said version, MySQL 8 being the official Pandora FMS version supported for the following ones. Upcoming RRR versions (starting with 773) will NOT support MySQL 5.7, with the only version supported being 8.x

N/A9003Renamed the Merging Tool at the Command Center (Metaconsole).
N/A10223When creating an agent by means of a received XML, the usual quote “Created by…” is not added.
N/A10253Controlled the values of General Settings, Performance Settings, and Visual Settings to keep them within the indicated and recommended operation ranges.
N/A10321Limited the number of events per query both in the Command Center (Metaconsole) and in nodes to ten thousand.
N/A10530Notice “Too many modules queued” appears if they exceed 500 modules, the previous value was 200.
N/A10771By default pandorafsnmp is used in new installations, instead of braa for v1 and v2 in SNMP.
1546611054Starting with version 773, legacy Visual Consoles (token  Legacy Visual Console View) will no longer be supported. An informative message was inserted for this.
N/A11058The welcome message was changed on the web console.
N/A11078Deleted the options to create files and directories in the MIB Uploader (Monitoring, SNMP and MIB Uploader), maintained the feature of compressed files in ZIP format.
1509511085Added the “link” and “image” plugins for the TinyMCE editor used in the Visual Console.
N/A11147In module creation, the width of the list of module types to be selected was widened.
N/A11157Changed the Warp Update Manager URL.
1552011159Increased the maximum user password size to 150 characters.
N/A11477Deleted the vertical display bar in the left-side menu for better display.

Fixed vulnerabilities

N/A8297Improved Pandora FMS access management.
Thanks to the information provided by damodarnaik.
10159 ^MPThe API checker built into Pandora FMS Web Console only supports HTTP or HTTPS protocols.
Thanks to the information provided by giri11408
10160 ^MPModules in visual consoles filter and avoid commands in JavaScript language.
Thanks to the information provided by Gaurish Kauthankar.
10162 ^MPModule of special days in calendar limits and filters the use of JavaScript thus avoiding major problems.
Thanks to the information provided by Gaurish Kauthankar.
10163 ^MPPandora FMS file manager restricts the file type to GIF, PNG or JPG, thus avoiding the loading of any type of instruction.
Thanks to the information provided by samsamurai.
10217 ^MPThe CSRF is now generated in the attempt action itself to disable a user, which prevents editing.
Thanks to the information provided by samsamurai.
10219 ^MPChanged data entry to syslog when a module is created.
CVE-2021-4118410229 ^MPjQuery-UI is the official user interface library of jQuery. Before version 1.13.0, the option of accepted the value of the .position () utility from untrusted sources. The issue was fixed by updating to version 1.13.0.
CVE-2021-2335810230 ^MPUpdate to latest Underscore (1.13.6) package version for   Javascript.
Thanks to the information provided by ^MP.
10261 ^MPDeleted the upload_head_image.php file since it allowed uploading files with additional instructions. A suitable mechanism for such a file upload task has been implemented.
N/A10294 ^MPSet a maximum limit of attempts (Password Policy) for unknown users for Pandora FMS Web Console (nodes and Command Center) and also for the Mobile version.

10326 ^JJOS

    • Related: 10513 and 11040.
When the superuser “admin”, created by default when installing PFMS, changes its password for the first time, a new bearer token is also generated which replaces the default (“pandora1234”).
Thanks to the information provided by Edisc.
11232An unauthenticated user can reset the password of other users. This was controlled when a hash was integrated into the restart form but a variable evaluation was missing which was corrected, now the vulnerability does not exist.
N/A11233Corrected the default notification message in Dashboard when a widget has no data to display.


    • Related: 11021 and 11113
The reverse intervals in the modules of the network server remote_cmd_string and remote_tcp_string were saved incorrectly so it was corrected and it now saves correctly.

Feature extinction

Deleted transactional process monitoring. This feature has nothing to do with transactional WEB or application monitoring (WUX, UX) that continues to work and expand in each version.

N/A7985Legacy event alerts have become obsolete and Web Console quick help was withdrawn.
N/A9475Command Center (Metaconsole) stopped managing agents through the wizard ; Centralised management will continue as a usual tool for this purpose.
N/A10648Command Center Wizard (Metaconsole Wizard) will be disabled in version 771 since its functions have been improved and reassigned in other menus.


    • Related: 10663 and 11108.
Operating system detection feature through xprobe2 has been removed, replaced by nmap

Bug fixes

123547936For users registered in a Command Center (Metaconsole) they can now select Dashboard as the custom home screen of the Web Console.
N/A8047Fixed the blocking of the Kaspersky antivirus to the new WMIC version used by the Satellite server.
N/A8148Administrative Tools -> System Audit Logs now shows in detail the changes made.
N/A8578Solved visual integration errors with eHorus.
133948793Solved a deadlock in pandora_db when using Percona XtraDB cluster.
125378950Modified modules of the “MySQL Server Advanced Plugin” plugin that had erroneous data.
N/A9061Fixed Discovery section views.
125379221Fixed module type’s default value when creating modules in “MySQL Server Advanced Plugin”.
N/A9251Added translation in sections that called function ui_print_help_tip.
N/A9270Within the view of each agent, the Interfaces section is visible and accessible.
140509349Modified the tree view in the Command Center so that it does not show the agent hash when hovering over.
N/A9362Checking is modified to tagent_data table for data quantity.
N/A9440Corrected count of “$bad_agents”.
N/A9473The get total_modules command in PFMS 1.0 API correctly returns the total modules when a specific module group is requested.
N/A9483Modified the correlation server to prevent its performance degradation.
141789496Added input value validation in the creation of a new module using API.
141809498Fixed API call add_permission_user_to_group, which left the assigned profile group empty.
N/A9508Fixed text overlay in dashboards when setting up a new widget.
N/A9523Erratum in pop-up title for registered plugin information.
N/A9548Added certain fields in some database tables to avoid errors in the execution of pandora_db.
142679556Corrected counting and paging in Dashboards view.
N/A9586Modified the API call get_tree_agent, which displayed unnecessary information.
N/A9597Fixed the default port in the integration with eHorus.
N/A9600Fixed status display failure of Pandora FMS servers. Pandora FMS is present in more than 50 countries which have different time zones: for companies with offices with different hours this false positive was reported with the status of the servers.
N/A9633Solved errors in alerts templates in French.
143499664Removed the modules in “pending delete” from the module selection view in scheduled downtimes.


    • Related: 8432 and version 769 bulletin.
Fixed history database automatic partitioning.
N/A9679Fixed the information sample in the failed attempt log by obtaining a token.
N/A9684Fixed connection error in NCM if the destination needs a prompt.


    • Related: Release notes 770
Fixed when a module behaves intermittently and an alert threshold was set: now only an email recovery notification message is sent and received.
N/A9700Corrected the links to the Web Console in the Visual Console public view.
144179706Fixed the disappearance of drop-down menus in the module graphics view in dark mode.
N/A9720Fixed module histogram widget by not displaying state changes correctly.
N/A9721Fixed the CLI call –add_event_comment that did not add the event ID into the comment.
144579738Fixed node change in SQL Reports after their editing (Meta).
144639747Solved the lack of some events when display all is selected in filtering.
144709758Fixed that disabled  triggered alerts   count in group view.
N/A9759Fixed common agent load in module operations in bulk.
144589780Fixed the lack of information display in Discovery tasks.
N/A9783Fixed certain bugs in new network map refreshings.
144809787Fixed status update of the event information window in the General tab.
N/A9799Fixed the process of changing the owner of an event.
145239811Fixed errors in reports that had availability type items.
N/A9817Profile duplicating is controlled in agent creation.
145359823module_logchannel is now supported in the module validation box.
N/A9825Fixes image uploading by file manager in the Metaconsole.
N/A9827Fixed bug related to external link with no value as user home screen.
N/A9829Users can only access the Dashboards on the home screen if they are from the same group, those from the All group and their private dashboards.
N/A9831Fixed password policy that only acted on the first occasion.
N/A9833Fixed user search in general search engine in the OpenSource version.
N/A9834In manual services, the weight of an agent with a non-initialized module now adds up to zero instead of the value equivalent to the unknown status.
N/A9844Fixed bug in alert filtering (field content not taken into account in alert filter when selecting “mail to admin” in actions).
145589851Fixed wrong display of custom images on the login screen.
N/A9852Fixed user password request in the Linux CPU Remote Inventory Module (plugin).
145609863In the links section, both in nodes and in the Metaconsole, users without PM permissions can view and use said links.
145729873Fixed custom images missing in visual console service elements.
N/A9881In the history database settings, even if it was disabled, it always tried to make a connection. With this correction it will only try to connect if all the necessary credentials are configured.
N/A9895Fixed and added the following messages for third-party remote authentication: “User is blocked”, “Double auth error” and “saml error”.
145699906Fixed auto-refresh errors in Command Center event view.
N/A9908Fixed failure in the Metaconsole event filter when modifying auto-refresh.
N/A9910Fixed visual bug in template condition settings/editing.
N/A9911Fixed collection update when md5 is weight 0.
145809912Fixed scheduled emails and report sending using Discovery tasks.
N/A9913Fixed visual faults in “Service List” and “Service Table” view filters in the Command Center (Metaconsole).
N/A9922Fixed not being able to filter by tags in alert view.
N/A9924Fixed links between visual console items.
145719931Fixed filtering in the event view when trying to select more than one server, where only the first one was selected.
N/A9932Fixed errors in SNMP browser.
N/A9941Fixed the colors in the odometers by public links in the visual consoles.
N/A9949Fixed WUX widgets.
N/A9953Fixed agent GIS information manual adding with PHP 8.


    • Related: 9762
In reports with SQL queries, the feature for querying one and/or several nodes and/or in the same Command Center (Metaconsole) has been restored; not only to display events but for any other database item. This feature should be used with caution because it may require excessive use of hardware resources.
N/A9966Fixed problem with permission of users created by api (user with manage users) accessing nodes in Metaconsole environments.
140369969Fixed errors when editing traps.
N/A9972Fixed log message error when adding Satellite bandwidth plugin module.
146239973Fixed the problem that did not allow to disable self-refreshing in the Metaconsole.
N/A9978Fixed Enterprise ACLs to not allow configuration of a particular bulk operations page.
N/A9980Fixed WUX executescript command error when response got 0.
N/A9982Fixed bug in plugin.
N/A9983Fixed error 500 in operations in bulk with PHP 8.
N/A9985Fixed the use of the Deployment Center with PHP 8.
N/A9986Fixed saving when creating an SNMP module that does not need a port, so that it is saved empty.
N/A9988Fixed problem that did not allow access to logs view from the agent view.
N/A9994Fixed problem that did not allow to select “module group” when creating module.
N/A9995Replaced the awk command to gawk for the AD plugin to avoid usage error.
N/A9996Fixed incorrect description correction when creating ssh modules.
N/A9997Removed “using module component” in module editing.
144849896/9275Fixed compilation of certain dependencies necessary for the correct use of NCM.
N/A9999Fixed error in “full list of alerts” view of agents.
N/A10000Fixed error 500 in “tree_agents” API call with PHP 8.


    • Related: 9721
Corrected user display in PFMS CLI command add_event_comment if the name contains spaces.
N/A10005Fixed SQL errors when adding new node in the Metaconsole.
N/A10022Fixed SQL error when adding inventory modules allowing to save without “Module” field.
1454410023Fixed plugin.
1465010026Fixed Command Center setup order.
N/A10032If a user changes the database replication password after the main database was encrypted, that password will also be stored encrypted.
N/A10034Fixed bug that allowed creating empty/null ACL Enterprise profiles.
N/A10036Fixed visual error where the modules legend stepped on the circular graph in custom graphs.
1456910038Fixed auto-refresh problem in event view (Metaconsole).
N/A10040Fixed AD connection error in the Command Center with PHP 8.
N/A10041Fixed error 500 in old correlation alerts.
N/A10043Fixed trap editing error that generated entities and did not allow editing.
N/A10044Fixed SNMP trap view bug where the validated filter did not display traps correctly.
N/A10046Fixed bug when deleting inventory modules individually.
N/A10048Fixed error in “Monitoring -> Alert details” where filtering by “mail to admin” did not take into account the rest of the filters.
N/A10049Fixed error 500 when editing the cluster agent from tree view (Metaconsole).
N/A10052Solved the calculation count of the network maps where the dummy node was taken into account.
N/A10066Added selector to recursively search subgroups to the  Triggered alerts report widget.
1470510068Fixed node collection synchronization when using PHP 8.
N/A10074Fixed error that did not allow modifying the “Content type” in SNMP alerts with “mail to admin” action.
1472410075Fixed bug that did not show % of SLA Compliance and Status in PDF reports.
N/A10078Fixed error 500 when clearing correlation alerts.
1470610080Fixed SQL error when creating external alert with default action.


    • Related: 15543
1081Both in the Metaconsole and in the nodes, section Homescreen was reset for editing by the user itself (Edit my user).
N/A10084Agent search in policies refreshes the data cache in a timely manner and also takes into account disabled agents.
N/A10088Modified sample_agent query to improve its performance.
1474810095The alert details view can now be sorted chronologically, at the user’s request.
N/A10100The RPM installer supports PHP 8 and installs MRs in the same way as with PHP 7.
N/A10102Aligned columns in service SLA (Custom Reports).
N/A10103The threshold section of the clusters now displays the names of each module (Active-Passive View).
N/A10104Chrome is added to the Ubuntu installation for proper console execution.
1476510112Erratum in the source code with the use of the module_disabled command in software agents.
N/A10114Solved error 500 in Command Center with the use of LDAP.
N/A10119Fixed alert view bug in Open version.
1478310121Fixed error 500 when creating custom MySQL.
N/A10123Fixed warning due to lack of a JavaScript file.


    • Related: version 769 Release notes.
Fixed node ID forwarding in PFMS 1.0 API call validate_events if it is applied to the Command Center (Metaconsole).
N/A10129Fixed visual error in the Create Percentile item form.
N/A10131Fixed error 500 in module templates view within an agent.


    • Related: 770 Release notes
Fixed error when WMI queries were made, which returned more results than requested. The key issue was to avoid results from the IP address, which was registered and returned by the Operating System.
1480310133Fixed task import in Discovery IPAM tasks.
N/A10135Fixed error 500 in the pagination of the Command Center collections.
1480410136PFMS CLI (pandora_manage) parameter –update_agent now updates node with Command Center (Metaconsole).
N/A10139Fixed the default visual consoles that used nonexistent data.


    • Related: version 769 Release notes.
When sending an SMS alert using the macro _timestamp_ in the template, dates are now recorded homogeneously.
N/A10152Restored the possibility of adding notifications by groups in the general settings of the Web Console.
N/A10154Fixed preliminary network map view with discovery task completion.
1477110156Corrected the custom availability report display. Previously an item had to be edited and saved to be able to show the report.


    • Related: 9499
When using MySQL version 5.7 it is now possible to delete old data backups automatically.
1477910176Fixed false positive about a service status if one or more of its agents had disabled modules.
1483910178Reorganized and improved the autodiscover plugin for both MS Windows® and GNU/Linux® to improve agent performance.
N/A10188In audible alerts server identifiers are received correctly.
N/A10202Fixed the query in the event group report report filter.


    • Related: 10023.
Fixed -f parameter in pandora_server/util/plugin/ plugin to process the offline duplex as full duplex.


    • Related: version 769 Release notes.
Fixed in Metaconsole (Command Center) the display of time units in alert templates.
1487510212Fixed editing permissions on custom reports if the ACL Enterprise System is used.
N/A10222Image in the “About” section is now displayed correctly.
N/A10227As for features, corrected their overflow in the NMS license.
1493110234Fixed error downloading collection files in the Command Center (Metaconsole).
N/A10238Fixed the erratum in network usage calculation at
N/A10240For PFMS servers that are still hosted in CentOS 7, support has been added for the Semaphore 2.13 library of Perl language.
N/A10241Graphics sent by email are compatible with PHP 8, thus allowing their display.
N/A10249Standard users now correctly calculate groups related to tags.
N/A10258Fixed the option to send email to the administrator (Mail to Admin) in alert actions and it now allows you to select single options.
N/A10274On Pandora FMS home page clicking on the link of the alerts launched (triggered alerts) now shows only those with such status.


    • Related: version 769 Release notes.
Fixed and improved the Unicode character encoding function in the creation of correlation alerts for Russian, Chinese and Japanese.
1494310284The plugin for Kubernetes successfully converts the data type returned by the API.
N/A10290Event validation is shown accurately in field ACK.
N/A10305Fixed the display of Pandora DB tool’s last execution.


    • Related: version 769 Release notes.
The query is corrected so that it does not return an error when modifying the user’s password by having Password Policies enabled.
N/A10320Added an alert dialog to confirm whether you are sure of a user’s delete request.


    • Related: 10256 and Release notes 770
Fixed the Safe Operation mode in Command Center Massive Operations. It is back in operation.
1462010310Fixed the General group status widget operation in the Command Center.
N/A10312Added data purge option visual configuration (“Max. days before purge”) in the Command Center.


    • Related: Release notes 770
Fixed the saving process of the selected version in custom remote SNMP components, either v1, v2 or v3.
1481510328For Mozilla Firefox web browser a special exchange rate was created to hide special purpose credentials used by PFMS.
N/A10331Excluded Discovery manual from the to-do list as they were presented as if their execution was delayed.
N/A10334Fixed for pandorawmic that when it receives “none”, it retries the WMI query again to obtain a result other than “none”.


    • Related:10574
Fixed change application to the modules and/or plugin in Operations in bulk with Modules.
N/A10337Fixed credential forwarding for queries through the database interface, from the Command Center (Metaconsole) to the associated nodes.
N/A10338Updated plugin to recognize current compilations (version nomenclatures) and thus stop issuing warning messages that are false positive regarding the version.


    • Related: Release notes 770
Fixed search with spaces in the keywords in the SNMP Console.
N/A10340Fixed Gotty’s performance with Quickshell PFMS. In addition, added a test button to verify service execution.


    • Related: 10839
Added alias and comments in node agent search so that the search is performed correctly.
N/A10343IPAM, massive operations, meets and works with the PHP version 8 syntax.
N/A10350Added the maintenance mode for the Command Center (Metaconsole)(file metaconsole_maintenance_mode.php ) to inform users about special processes.
N/A10356In the Metaconsole configuration, LDAP authentication section, it was corrected to save the timeout value.
1500710359At the Command Center (Metaconsole), in bulk operations it now also displays (by default) disabled agents.


    • Related: MR 64.
To avoid failure recursion in Groups Items of Visual Consoles a token was implemented which is enabled by default.
1505610363In the advanced agent module options, the token feature of the cascade protection service (Cascade Protection Services or CPS) is restored.


    • Related: Release notes 770
Fixed in event correlation, from a Command Center environment (Metaconsole), error by which it failed to decrypt information if the node’s database had encryption set on its content.
N/A10370Fixed the node link to centralized agent management in the Command Center.


    • Related: 11041 and Release notes 770
Fixed line creation in Visual Consoles by which the circles were not displayed at the ends to be able to move or resize them.
1507010373Fixed policies with names: in Japanese they were not written on the configuration file (Software Agents with remote configuration enabled).


    • Related: 11322 and Release notes 770
Reviewed and confirmed the activation of the option to discard events in unknown status for remote components so false positives are discarded.
N/A10384Fixed display failure when deleting modules in bulk (Bulk Operations).
1507910411Removed replication message that appeared when opening event details (false positive), now it allows you to add comments on events.
N/A10416Included the selected agent identifier in the event list filter.
1466810420Fixed login with users who have apostrophe in the name and email fields for authentications with LDAP   and AD.
N/A10438Included the S3 Buckets monitoring shortcut again in Amazon Web Services.
N/A10451Fixed PFMS server update with the Offline Update Manager in CentOS 7; also checked on Rocky Linux.
1509110455Fixed in the wizard_wmi_module plugin when it has character & in the password, it is now quoted before executing the credentials.
N/A10458Fixed SQL query creation when changing passwords in non-administrator users.
N/A10471In the SNMP alerts there was the problem that when deleting the group of agents the alert belonged to, it disappeared. It now prevents from deleting an agent group if it is used by an SNMP alert.
N/A10473Fixed the error in the SNMP trap editor by which files could not be uploaded with MIB.


    • Related: 9734
Fixed agent identifier failure when creating custom report items with the SLA-Wizard, when filtering agents by keyword.
N/A10485Fixed inconsistency between the server and console LAG calculation (latency).


    • Related: Release notes 770
Fixed alert command display in a centralized node for Command Center with the new PFMS web interface.
N/A10493In item pagination (Policies, Alerts, Groups, etc.) the user is located again on the page that triggered an action (editing, deleting, etc.).


    • Related: 9662 and 10312
In the Command Center, in the advanced history database configuration options some tokens were not saved. With this patch said values are set to change and save the configuration.
N/A10513Command center (Metaconsole): Added server_uid for authentication in PFMS 1.0 API for internal calls to Pandora FMS servers.


    • Related: 9476
Implemented a modal form for module type selection after clicking on “Go to create agent” from the tree view in the Command Center.
N/A10545Fixed the zoom icon feature and its label in the monitoring policy chart. Additionally, the information in the table is displayed, which previously did not show anything.
N/A10548In the Enterprise version: Access to the Satellite server collections without any restriction regarding the NMS license.
N/A10550Fixed the Credential Store that showed fields for SNMP credentials in other types of credentials (AWS, WMI, etc.).
N/A10551Visual Console names now accept spaces, previously they were saved as HTML entity characters.
1509610558When a module belonged to a service, cascade protection was disabled. Changed the operation so that cascade protection works correctly, avoiding spam email.


    • Related: 10133
Fixed faulty task import deletion in Discovery IPAM tasks.
N/A10560For NCM responses function read_all() is now used instead of function read_line() of Perl language, library Net::SSH::Expec. This fixes the bug by which messages were saved cut by line breaks, reading and fully saving all NCM responses.


    • Related: Release notes 770
Fixed the singularity by adding comments on events with character &.


    • Related: 10311
Comments not shown in events when requested in detail: fixed grouping by event and by extra ID with spaces.
N/A10569PHP 8 supported when opening an agent display in the Console.


    • Related: 11059 and Release notes 770
Added patch to contemplate connections with no instances in Discovery PFMS tasks for MS SQL server®.
Note: Each instance is a full SQL Server® installation along with its own copy of server files, database engine, databases, users and credentials.
N/ script is now able to find the MySQL configuration file in a certain way, regardless of the operating system used.
1502410585The Diagnostic info tool now correctly displays log file custom paths.
N/A10591Fixed animated icon display in Review logs section (Pandora FMS Audit) after having selected the pagination of all the results (All option). Now once the described consultation process is finished, the animated icon disappears.


    • Related: 771 Release Notes
Fixed for SMTP credentials that have special characters to be now properly saved in the database.
N/A10597Added and fixed the PNG format image (maintenance image) used in nodes and in the Metaconsole when the merging process is being performed in the Command Center.


    • Related: version 769 Release notes.
For Ubuntu server 22, the xprobe program was compiled in a special way, which is used as an essential tool for IPAM tasks.
N/A10623Fixed automatic description addition (“Checks port X is opened” message) when configuring the port to a network module.


    • Related: 770 Release Notes
Vendor lists in NCM are now displayed immediately, allowing NCM operations to be performed with no delays.
1517210631Fixed last comment added to the comment column not being properly displayed when there were grouped events (Group events or Group extra id). This affected both the node and the Command Center and was fixed in both.
15189 and 1568110635Added dependency JSON::PP in Perl language for the 32-bit Omnishell executable file and compiled it as 64 bits.


    • Related: 10192.
Fixed IPAM failure when clicking on a host and returning 500 HTTP error.


    • Related: 770 Release Notes
In versions 767, 768 and 769 it was not possible to edit the threshold of an alert action to zero as it was replaced with a default value of 5 minutes. This was fixed in version 771.
N/A10649Fixed issue by which when having alerts configured in a policy, and one or more modules that come from that policy are unlinked in an agent, those alerted on all the modules linked in all the agents became duplicated .


    • Related: 10212 and 10996
Custom reports could not be created/deleted (Custom Report) with the ACL Enterprise system. It was fixed with two additional level 2 section options.
N/A10665Fixed and recovered user editing for the Open version.
N/A10666Fixed error in English in the column header tag text (Group Tactical View section).
1519510695Fixed rule “Is different” not working properly in correlation alerts.


    • Related: 8642 and 10555.
Fixed theACL error for users in Heatmap views: it now limits groups, item, and IP address display to those authorized based on user profiles.
N/A10719Fixed incorrect tag field display when registering a plugin with Japanese characters and creating components with its modules.
1522910726Fixed collections synchronization with HTTPS in the Metaconsole (Command Center).
N/A10727Fixed incorrect dates as well as column alignments in event reports. Fixed them too in reports, when there were no results for them (custom fields or custom data).
1524610737Fixed feature search error in the Command Center (Metaconsole) due to missing parameters when clicking on a Service Map service.
N/A10743Fixed error by which if there was an agent assigned to a secondary server that only had the dataserver enabled, when creating remote modules on that agent, they never ran because they did not have a networkserver to process them. With this fix they are assigned to the primary server and run correctly.
N/A10747Fixed and retrieved the main view of an agent for the Open version.
N/A10750Corrected the logs view, it can now be selected accurately in both date and time, as well as other logical details solved.


    • Related: 10989
Reset the IPAM subnet to include all requested networks when networks are added massively to a supernet.


    • Related: 9969
Fixed the issue when an trap was edited on the SNMP console or when the name of a trap was clicked by the SNMP trap editor and it redirected to an empty view, without data. The feature was restored; in addition, several errors are corrected in the labels of the fields per screen.
N/A10777The names of XML files with monitoring data for Pandora FMS are now set by hash     MD5 as they previously caused problems if the agent name had special characters.
N/A10792Fixed the All group display in Group View for the Open version.
N/A10794Fixed collection addition and deletion in an agent for the Enterprise version.
1530510813Fixed graphic icons called “101” when using the search engine in the modules tab. In addition, icons were updated and the redirection to the modal form view was fixed and changed.
1531610819Alerts in alert views were fixed and now only the policy image will appear when the alert corresponds to a policy or when it is an external policy alert.


    • Related: 10342.
Fixed error by which when there were two agents with the same string in the search, the request was corrupted and the results were not correct.


    • Related: 10837
Fixed inventory date display as well as result search and sorting by multiple parameter combinations.
15337 and 15360


    • Related: 10865, 771 Release notes and MR 64
Added the Target IP field in SNMP modules, for Custom Fields Macros, which uses the macro called _agentcustomfield_X_ . This Target IP field was precisely the one that was missing to complete the work with the respective macro.
N/A10869In Agent Monitoring View, to avoid possible misunderstandings, group_id was removed from the URL, since by being a POST request it is unnecessary for it to be present in said URL.
N/A10874Added the possibility to include sleep to NCM commands to avoid connection errors due to timeouts.
N/A10896Fixed the error by which when adding a service item to another service and displaying the sunburst map and trying to access the child items of the added service the corresponding links failed.


    • Related: 10737, 10896, 10864 and 11013
Fixed links both in the sunburst and tree views, in service modules: They now lead to the agent’s main view directly.
N/A10898Fixed error by which when an agent was created or edited and an attempt was made to assign a secondary group to it, it was not assigned.


    • Related:10995
Fixed issue with special characters when saving the fields in inventory modules by plugin. Now it saves properly in base64.
N/A10901Fixed the size of the icons of the new PFMS interface in the SNMP wizard.


    • Related: 10014 and 10960
Fixed character encoding to UTF8MB4 format through an MR file in several tables in the database, including the table used for the welcome tips editor.
N/A10909For the new PFMS interface, agent group icons in both node and Command Center were displayed as unavailable or “broken” images. This was restored to normal operation and custom icons were checked and verified for normal operation.
N/A10910Updated the icons representing each node to the new format and enhanced their display with matching colors in network maps, with the new PFMS interface.
N/A10911In the new PFMS interface, the huge size of the icon for deletion in custom report item editing (SLA) went back to its normal size.
N/A10912Links to agent in the group tactical view now lead to display instead of agent editing.


    • Related: 10940
The Command Center now properly displays the icon for web browsers (also called favicon tab).


    • Related: 10891
Fixed menu display in version 770 for the Open version.
N/A10917Retrieved display of custom operating system icons.
N/A10918On PFMS login screen, the images used as wallpapers were adjusted to be properly displayed in the different window sizes of web browsers.
N/A10924Fixed the false positive message saved in the Audit Log when a module is enabled or disabled, the action is always performed but the registration is incorrect and it said otherwise.
N/A10926The Add button in Manage Scan Scripts was not shown with the new PFMS interface. Added the button again recovering the feature.
N/A10927Since version 767 if you had configured the Spanish language in the Metaconsole (now called Command Center in version 770) and worked on the application of monitoring policies, these returned an HTTP 500 error in web browsers. The issue was fixed and also used to check the rest of the languages.
N/A10936In plugins and agent management views, multiline-capable text boxes were shrunken and trash icons were too large. Their sizes were enlarged and shrinked and they regained their visual harmony.


    • Related: 9662
In the alerts section where it indicated whether an alert had been triggered or not, it was only visible if you hovered over that column. With this arrangement, all triggered alerts are immediately displayed without the need for any extra work.
N/A10943Fixed events icon color in Tactical View since it was presented with inverted colors.
N/A10945Fixed item time stamp miscalculation in the event view. Now before calculating, the time zone of the different components (PFMS server, Web console, user preferences, etc.) is taken into account.
N/A10947Fixed status colors and icons in the Agent View by Heatmap for when the status is different from the normal status.
N/A10950The text size in policy names was increased to 9 points, thus improving their readability.
N/A10955Fixed element errors in size, appearance and operation in the Discovery Netscan interface.


    • Related: 10014
Fixed error by which in new installations in version 769 the tsesion_filter table was not created.
N/A10961Fixed the display of the status of the collections, now they are always visible if there are pending changes to be applied in the collection (now a yellow icon is shown) or when the folder of the collection does not exist (red icon).
N/A10965Fixed tag creation  in the Metaconsole and nodes, now it takes into account the use of spaces in tag names and checks if they are already created to avoid repetitions.
N/A10967Fixed a visual glitch in the CSS when seeing an event detail from the event Dashboard/widgets.
N/A10972Fixed error display when creating related alerts both in the Metaconsole and in nodes (conditions in simple and detailed view): The problem came from editing an alert correlation without choosing any date or time (handling null data).
N/A10974Fixed the following bug: when applying the inverse interval in a module, it showed the changes correctly in the contiguous graph, however when clicking on update the inverse interval disappeared and returned to how it was previously.
N/A10977Fixed the repeated warning message for HA Legacy in PFMS server log when verbosity is 5.
N/A10981With this correction only fields TCP Send/Receive appear in the network TCP modules.
N/A10984Fixed item name display in the Visual Console by hovering the mouse pointer over them.
N/A10989Fixed the size of the editing icon, which was huge, in the Supernet section of IPAM.
1544510991Fixed both in the Metaconsole and in nodes, that a standard user with “Pandora Administrator” profile and with ACL Enterprise activated and granted could not see the Authentication view. Fixed also the size and appearance of generic block warnings to users.
N/A10993Fixed error by which with the new PFMS 770 RRR interface, the buttons for adding and subtracting agents from Omnishell commands had been lost. Improved these buttons and updated the CSS class.


    • Related: 771 Release Notes
Fixed error in the ACL Enterprise system caused problems when a user wanted to edit their own user (shortcut in the header) despite having explicitly been granted permissions.


    • Related: 771 Release notes and MR
Fixed the tips at login. Now displayed in the language chosen by the user, as fallback remain in English for exceptions.
N/A11002Fixed bug in Credential Store by which when modifying an SNMP credential it did not save the SNMP version type change.
1545911003Fixed the Command Center (Metaconsole) options for alerts that had disappeared.
N/A11009Fixed special characters for event aggregation using PFMS API and PFMS CLI. Now they are coded correctly before being saved in the database. Six special types of event fields were added to the correction.
1535311010Fixed the automatic refresh of the Visual Consoles, rendering the feature available again.


    • Related: 10974
Fixed the token to activate the Inverse Interval in string modules that when saving became always deactivated.
N/A11024Copying a Remote Component would throw an error when requesting a field from a table whose name was incorrect. Fixed the issue and now the copying process runs smoothly.
N/A11035In graphs, the size of the tick is set at least to 0.5 for extraordinary precision in double precision values (four or more decimals).
N/A11032Fixed the start date field for the filter in the log view (log collector): Now it is interpreted numerically and it allows to obtain results.
N/A11036When the  Paginated module view token was activated by Visual styles in the Setup of the Web Console, the results pagination did not work. Fixed this issue by properly activating the execution of a script written in JavaScript.


    • Related: 771 Release Notes
Fixed drop-down lists in the Black theme, which were displayed in light color.
1549011047Fixed issue with the new interface where no more fields could be added to the plugins in the creation process or delete those added by editing.
N/A11049Fixed the time range selector and hid the equalize field when the chart type is not Bullet chart, that way custom charts are displayed correctly and the filter keeps its values.
1548111050Fixed macro _alert_critical_instructions_ and _alert_warning_instructions_ issues in actions and alert templates since both labels with information were inverted (critical state and warning state).
1547911052When performing a Discovery task with application for MS SQL Server, the connection report presents special characters that prevent them from being saved in the database.
N/A11054In correlation alert management, a check of the function’s existence in the memory is added before being used.
N/A11064Fixed the button to enable the history database in the Metaconsole, enlarged the area to click on that button.
N/A11067Fixed, for the network modules, that when hovering the mouse over the status icon, the corresponding IP address appears properly.


    • Related: 11144
With the new PFMS 770 RRR interface, the Change to critical status after field had disappeared in Agent Base options. It is already visible again and its operability was double-checked.
1552211095Fixed issue where a Web Check module was created by means of   monitoring policies   but when entering the module editing, said module was displayed blank.
N/A11081Fixed cron option module types that could not be added to the execution in advanced module options (such as server auto-monitoring).
N/A11082When a service was created through the service Wizard and a subservice was added, it was displayed as null value in the services tree view and also the wrong service was added. Fixed null value handling as well as obtention of the numerical values that are key for proper display.
N/A11083The module creation form of the Prediction server using the average or synthetic arithmetic had its elements off-set with the new interface, the visual failure was corrected.
1550911087Fixed the error that did not allow editing items in scheduled downtimes.


    • Related: 771 Release Notes
Fixed numeric error 500 returned by web browsers when entering the tactical view for singular environments that work without any tags.
N/A11092Fixed excessive width in the Group Tactical View in the Web Console.
N/A11097Fixed Service map widgets (Dashboards) to accept all types of quotes in the name of each of the services that make up the map.
N/A11098Fixed button performance for SNMP Walks from the module editor to create the module in that agent with the OID information: it switches from using an autocomplete to showing a confirmation modal form to create the module (as long as it is from SNMP Walk, if it is from the SNPM Browser view, the operation is the same as always).
1553011099Fixed the Metaconsole so that the Service Map widget loads and displays the Sunburst mode correctly at the right time.
N/A11100Fixed error 500 that was returned due to incorrect typing of variable in the Alerts menu of the Web Console, section Alert correlation.


    • Related: 771 RRR Release Notes
Fixed the Inverse Interval token since it was not configured after modifying modules in Agent by means of Monitoring Policies.
1553511103Fixed icon show-up in Metaconsole monitoring policy application section. The monitoring policy had already been applied to the agents, however the icon still appeared as not applied.


    • Related: 771 Release Notes
Fixed the linking column header in policy management, module linking section, to select all modules and now you may select (or deselect) all items with a single click.
N/A11106Fixed correlation alerts with field event agent, now they run correctly when agent events arrive, both with the equality operator and with regex with the Event server and with the Correlation server. That way the operation of the agent rule was fixed.


    • 10901 and MR 64
Fixed the default value (mode enabled) of Power Supply token in the SNMP Wizard.
N/A11110Fixed the second-order selectors used for item display and selection in drop-down lists in the Metaconsole.
1553911111Fixed issue by which when a Web Check module was created, when entering the module editing, said module was displayed blank.
N/A11113Fixed bug in string modules, whose threshold warning could not be configured after creating them.


    • Related: MR 64
When editing a user’s data in the Metaconsola you now have a conditional so that you do not overwrite the fields Event filter, User color scheme and Home screen in node databases.
N/A11118Fixed “No GIS data” message was corrected and it is now displayed collapsed by default.
N/A11119Fixed and improved module visualization aesthetics in the agent detail view.
N/A11122Hundreds, and even thousands of false positive error message lines were being generated. This arose because they received undefined values that prevented their comparison and evaluation. The problem was solved with a prior evaluation of the data to be evaluated.
N/A11130With the new PFMS interface the profile deletion button had become unusable in user data editing. After this correction the button returned to its place and works again.


    • Related: 11192
There was an HTTP 500 error when creating or editing scheduled stops and selecting modules. The issue has been fixed and this feature continues being improved.
1551111134Fixed the pandorafsnmp binary to save incremental SNMP module data as string.
N/A11136Fixed the icon color in failed state in server view.
N/A11140Some wizards had kept the previous graphical interface. They were now updated and adjusted according to the style of the new graphical interface.
N/A11142Fixed several visual and counting errors in the Group view, both in the Open and Enterprise versions.


    • Related: 9175
In WMI, plugin and network modules the password used to perform remote monitoring became unreadable when editing some other module field. With this correction, credentials can be read and remote monitoring is always performed.
N/A11148The function of copying to the clipboard the path for plugin execution in the File manager was fixed for different web browsers.
N/A11150Fixed the Log viewer so that very long lines do not overflow but rather fit the screen.
N/A11154The wizard for adding agents, modules or services did not work with the new interface. The problem was fixed and the operation that adds items to Service items summary was also adjusted.
1543911155Fixed user language loading error in the welcome tips.
1553111158Fixed NetFlow Filters to correctly return each agent identifier created by this path.
N/A11164Fixed in Log viewer that when clicking on View it led to the log view instead of leading to Log source.
N/A11167When deleting an agent a false positive message “Could not be disabled” was displayed but the agent was still deleted. Deleted the message and fixed the bug.
N/A11170Deleting a module from an agent did not prompt for confirmation. It was fixed and it now asks the user whether they are sure of the irreversible module deletion process.
1555611171Due to a new syntax in PHP version 8.1 history database settings returned an error. Modified it to support that new PHP version, which solves the problem.
N/A11172Fixed the icon for editing Remote config in each agent: the button will appear only if it has remote configuration actually enabled. Fixed in addition the location and status in the graphic interface.
N/A11173In the Inventory monitoring view, the button to navigate between pages did not work and only sorted by alias. It was fixed so that it sorts through all the columns and navigation by pages was double-checked, both are fixed.
N/A11176With the new Web Console interface, the Execute query button had stopped working in the Debug form, in section Web checks, in agents. This bug was fixed.
1557711179In several Dashboard widgets public views delivered invalid identifiers. They were fixed and now they are correctly displayed through public links.
N/A11181Section Resource exporting stopped working with the new GUI. The issue was fixed and it has been checked that visual console, report and policy importing and exporting now works properly, both in the Open and Enterprise versions.
1558111182Fixed the value shown in About, Support expires field, now it shows the correct Enterprise license expiration value. The error was only about display.
N/A11190Fixed widget filtering of Tree View in Dashboard so that it accepts more than one word in the search field and also if you type in a single word it filters correctly, but when entering a space and adding another word the filtering breaks and finds nothing.
N/A11193Fixed issue when adding a string module to Widget Color Tabs Modules. Now it loads successfully and immediately displays the addition.
N/A11194Fixed SNMP browser display in real-time graphical views, when the SNMP Interface throughput option is selected. Now SNMP options can be changed.
N/A11195Added automatic recursivity for dashboards to the Groups Status widget when selecting group All.
1557111201Fixed the variable identifier in JavaScript that caused the module name size to cause problems in the Graph builder.
N/A11202In the Visual Console, after editing and saving certain icons of the added items they disappeared. Now after fixing it, icons are always displayed, both in editing and display views.
N/A11212Fixed the Donut Graph of Visual Consoles so that it only accepts string modules, so now the graph is shown correctly.
N/A11214In the Deploy agent wizard the Mac OS operating system stops. Fixed the download link for the software agent.
N/A11215When adjusting the period of a new manually created module, the 5-minute interval could not be selected. Fixed the problem by declaring and setting the default value.
N/A11217In version 771 when requesting to disable a user the error “Can not verify the origin of the request” appeared. The problem was in the CSRF Validator and it was corrected.
1558711221Fixed the problem of incorrect group merging in components in module template management.
N/A11222The Home screen option for the Visual console was pointing to an incorrect address when no visual console existed, the error was fixed.
N/A11223Failures in LDAP configuration and advanced permissions were corrected.
N/A11224The selection button of all the items in the column header in alert correlation did not perform its function, said error was corrected.
N/A11229Fixed the filter saving process in Netflow live view and improved to default values in fields other than the filter name.
1560811230Fixed module copying in monitoring policies: it no longer allows to repeat already copied modules and module identifiers are read correctly and the copy is made (if they are not duplicated).
N/A11242Added the corresponding validation so that the autorefresh_white_list field (user table) does not generate an error and allows loading the user view if, the value of the field is null or 0.
N/A11245Fixed blank display of service map items in the Metaconsole Dashboard when they were in the presence of network map as well.
N/A11250Added a function that deletes spaces in IP addresses to be used in WMI monitoring (pandorawmic).
N/A11252Fixed issue in the Ubuntu server environment, by which Script resync HA failed by SSH_CMD check.
N/A11255Fixed the Widget Global Health info in the Metaconsole to show the real information.
N/A11261Reinstated  the delete items button in agent autoconfiguration, which had been hidden with the new interface.
N/A11268fixed bug in the MetaConsole by which the long name of a Visual Console would unframe the full-screen interval view.
N/A11270Fixed error by which Discovery tasks could not be added nor edited in the AWS S3® feature.
N/A11275Reinstated the button to delete links from section List of Links in the Metaconsole, this button had been hidden with the new interface.
N/A11276Fixed bug by which when a user with access to a group was created and logged in to create a widget in the Dashboards section, the Agent/Module view widget loaded all agents regardless of the group.
15627 and 15577


    • Related: 11278
Fixed the public link to Dashboards when using authentication by SAML.
1557711278Fixed authentication by SAML for superadmin users.
N/A11282The Simple Graph Widget in Dashboard did not work because it received null data, it was corrected to first check whether the data is valid.
N/A11285Fixed SQL query, SQL pie graph, SQL vertical bar graph and SQL horizontal bar graph reports, since in the Metaconsole the item Server did not save correctly.
N/A11289Deleted text auto-completion that mistakenly appeared when editing an agent, particularly in the advanced section.
N/A11290Optimized nmap execution in the get OS feature in IPAM.


    • Related: 10744
Fixed the wrong operating system assignment when the device only responded to OS details.
N/A11294Fixed, both in the node and in the Metaconsola, the general monitoring policies search engine.
N/A11295Fixed dynamic reports and they now allow to be generated (nodes and Metaconsole).
N/A11297Fixed bug by which reverse intervals were not configured correctly on Network server remote_snmp_string modules.


    • Related: 11370
Fixed visual bug in remote module filter by Metaconsola (monitoring policy management).
N/A11299Fixed Advanced Options that did not appear in Agent configuration in PFMS Open version.
N/A11300When a standard user was created by the Metaconsole and it was granted the right to log in to the nodes, when that new user edited their own Metaconsole profile, that user lost the right to access the nodes. This error was corrected.
N/A11302Multilingual messages were visually corrected for the About view.


    • Related: 11333
Fixed the error that did not allow adding new items in an NCM.
N/A11304Enlarged the modal window in module creation as well as the module option list width.


    • Related: 11027
Fixed the automatic logout error for users whose only assigned user profiles were RR, RW and RM. It now works correctly and the scope of other user profiles is in reviewing process.
N/A11318Inventory report in the Metaconsole had a problem with SQL syntax so a special function was created that verifies whether the database request is valid; with this patch the error was fixed.


    • Related: 11323
Fixed the error in the Metaconsole whereby the PDF Histogram graph was not displayed, this was due to the lack of registration of a token which was then missing from the Metaconsole to access the node data.
N/A11321Fixed Report Editor option bar missing from the report editor in the Metaconsole and nodes, an event that took place just after editing and saving a report item.


    • Related: 11320
Histogram graph report, when the selected interval had no data it caused an HTTP 500 error in the browser. Fixed the issue and now it shows value zero when data is insufficient.


    • Related: 11064
The filter subsection did not work in the Log viewer section, the problem was fixed and now the filters regained their operability in both the nodes and the Metaconsole.
N/A11330Page-by is added to the network map list, thus solving the problem when the number of maps was higher than the user page-by.
N/A11336Fixed error HTTP 500 in the Audit Log, which was caused by an unexpected variable type (code exception).
N/A11341Updated software agents in MS Windows® and GNU/Linux® so that the data generated by a log module is in base64 format.
1566011345Fixed macro error in local components caused by a data structure expected by JavaScript, and that this structure was altered with the new PFMS graphical interface.
N/A11354Login tips and the About form now open up as a modal form to avoid visual bugs with other messages and/or notifications.
N/A11358Fixed Bulk operations with agents so that the database saves only values and not item data.
N/A11361Fixed PDF SLA reports to incorporate horizontal graphs.
N/A11362Fixed check between alertserver_queue and alertserver tokens to ensure they work in sync.
N/A11365Fixed HTML button that was misnamed, making its content undeliverable.
N/A11366Fixed the missing parameter in Bulk Operations section of monitoring policies, that prevented agent module copies from being generated.
N/A11368Fixed naming error caused by the “Use prefix notation” field. Now when creating a report template you may add the “Min Value / Max Value / Avg. Value” both in Metaconsole and in the Console.
N/A11369Fixed delete agent icon size.
N/A11371Fixed errors at the database level and at the PHP language level in the Inventory View when sorting by agent.
N/A11374In Users Bulk Operations when trying to add a profile with many privileges the process stopped. It was corrected to ensure that it obtains the information of the requested profile and if, for some reason not contemplated, it cannot add a profile, it continues with the next one and does not stop until it goes over all the requested profiles.
N/A11381The “Show address instead module name” token was poorly consulted at the Availability report, now the agent IP address is displayed correctly in the report.
N/A11382Fixed Event Cardboard widget so that it works in PFMS Open version.
N/A11385Added a new software dependency to the Satellite server for MS Windows® and compiled it for its release.
N/A11388Fixed SNMP bulk operations to require the user to specify at least a parameter in order to save the operation.
N/A11390Redefined general Metaconsole and node searches for better grouping.
N/A11394Fixed icons in group configuration in LDAP as they were too large.
1564611400Fixed groups icons that were not displayed in Visual Consoles due to a cache issue in the web browser.
N/A11401Fixed the Discovery PFMS for MS SQL server® that only connected over the default port of that application. A port number different from the default one can now be specified.
N/A11405Reinstated the button to delete plugins through the Metaconsole. This bug had been caused by the new PFMS interface.
N/A11406Reinstated the button to delete operating systems in the Component Management section through the Metaconsole. This bug had been caused by the new PFMS interface.
N/A11409Fixed several visual errors in Warp update Manager.
N/A11416Fixed search recursivity by groups for Metaconsole authentication with AD so that it is enabled and disabled as appropriate to save time in user logins.
N/A11424Fixed the Bulk Operations section in the Metaconsole so that it efficiently manages primary and secondary groups (automatic correction when detecting them). Also fixed the visual group logo for easier identification.
N/A11429Fixed the error that prevented clearing policy alerts from bulk operations.
N/A11430Fixed insertion error when trying to add a new user with a repeated identifier.
N/A11431Debugged and fixed the profiles required to see alerts.
N/A11444Fixed error when using the visual Console item wizard: it created as many items as modules with the same ID with several centralized nodes. There was no way to differentiate which node each module came from.
N/A11446 and MR 64Fixed the database for template creation using visual consoles as references so that it holds information about recursive groups.
N/A11453Fixed links to the corresponding agent and node views in the service tree view within the Metaconsole.
N/A11456Fixed error whereby when changing the background image in Visual Consoles, it restricted access to the modified visual console.
N/A11458Fixed node deletion button when listing the Metaconsole registered nodes so that it appears. It was a button display failure, which remained in hidden mode.
N/A11470Fixed SQL query bug when getting into the inventory view.
N/A11473Relocated the autoload feature in the correct loading order for Pandora FMS download and installation.
N/A11478Enlarged the form to select dashboard widgets so that their paging is displayed. There are more than 40 items that must be displayed by sections or groups.
N/A11479Fixed the module tab color widget in PFMS Open version and it now loads the feature properly.
N/A11481The “Icon and module value” widget now lines up correctly the value and the tag in the the Metaconsole and the nodes. Also fixed the selected module list in the Metaconsole and now all of them are displayed.
N/A11485Fixed paging in the policy view with an applied filter in the Metaconsole and nodes.
N/A11488Fixed report width display in PDF log report exporting so that it is full-width.
N/A11504Fixed Discovery Network Scan so that it correctly searches for WMI credentials, since it only listed custom credentials before.
N/A11512Added the name of the LTS if appropriate to the About view.
N/A11521Fixed SNMP graph display so that the filter bar stays anchored at the top of the graph and does not overlap nor block the graph display.
N/A11523Fixed Satellite Server remote modification for MS Windows®: now no entities are sent to the configuration file.
N/A11526Fixed and checked Visual Console permissions granted by profiles to users. In addition, visual enhancements were made to the interface.
N/A11531Fixed service map display that contains a single agent item both in the Metaconsole and nodes.
N/A11538Fixed event sound alerts view. Now it supports activating the Blacktheme CSS.
N/A11541Fixed the agent selector dialog box so that it works when applying the Blacktheme CSS.
N/A11542Patched the code for the Module graph widget so that it dynamically takes up the full width (responsive).
N/A11549Fixed OS quick report, Block histogram and Grouped meter graphs widgets so that they work smoothly in the Open version.
N/A11551The OS Quick report widget presented the SQL query error when requested by the Metaconsole. Fixed said error keeping its operation through nodes.


    • Relacionado: 1159
Fixed RR, RW, RM and PM profile reach regarding Cronjobs (Task list).
N/A11555Fixed the graphic interface and actions in the IPAM section.
N/A11559Fixed vertical bar, SQL horizontal bar y SQL pie Graphs reports, keeping the exact same performance through nodes.
N/A11562Added a specific button called “Use this OID” to create SNMP modules by monitoring policies. Checked in addition that it works both in the Metaconsole and nodes.
N/A11563Fixed several issues in different technologies that prevented pinging in the IPAM device view.
N/A11566Optimized the detail section in the alert view, restructured database queries.
N/A11568Reinstated the item editing and deletion buttons for IPAM task list view.
N/A11569Fixed the Group custom report widget so that it shows all modules from an agent when it is requested by the Metaconsole.
N/A11576Fixed agent display in a GIS map after configuring a public URL in the setup.


    • Related: 9690
Threshold alerts kept on sending multiple recovery emails. Fixed the issue as well as another error in the recovered update. New tests were carried out to check email forwarding.
N/A11592Fixed text tag insertion in Visual Consoles, in addition to adjusting its predefined size for better display.
N/A11594Fixed the regular expression for “aggressive” scanning applied by Nmap both in NetScan and PFMS IPAM.
N/A11596Fixed the display of SQL queries inserted into SQL reports, both for the Metaconsole as well as for nodes.
N/A11601Fixed the parameter for the IP address for when adding agents by Recon Task by means of a template.

Updated documentation



    • Related: 8673 and 9345.
Documentation only on the installation of the Tentacle server.
N/A9473In the get total_modules command of PFMS 1.0 API, the module group identifier becomes optional.
141959533Modified SQL report documentation to help perform correct queries.
N/A9696Added documentation so that pmacct can be used as an alternate probe to NetFlow.
N/A9743Added documentation for the new event response macro _group_contact_.
N/A9767Updated information for installing software agents.
N/A9795Added the documentation of the new “Data Matrix” widget.
N/A9803Deleted transactional monitoring documentation.


    • Related: 9713
Documentation on the button to show the actual path in a modal window in Pandora FMS file manager.
N/A9835Updated SELinux documentation.
N/A9967Updated information about visual console icons.
N/A9993Added documentation about the use of email encryption in the Command Center.
N/A9998Added server plugin modification documentation even if they are deployed.
N/A10001Added documentation about the tables used in the Command Center merging process.
N/A10003Fixed CLI call –create_event information.
N/A10042Translation into French of topics 4.7 and 4.9.
N/A10060Added documentation of dependencies included in ALT packages.
N/A10072Updated documentation of the new pie charts.
N/A10109Added new “About” menu option.
N/A10113Added documentation of custom_data in base64.
N/A10128Added IPAM documentation for CSV import.
N/A10142Updated “Dataserver_threads X” server token documentation.
N/A10145Fixed support for MS Windows® devices.
N/A10197Added instructions for using the skip-log-bin parameter in MySQL version 8.
N/A10201In Pandora FMS version 769 or later, Oracle Instant Client® must be upgraded to version 19.8 in environments that have older versions.
N/A10226Authentication in API 1.0 PFMS using the bearer token.
N/A10237Improved the description of the waiting time, when offline, of the Web Console session.
N/A10239Added the instruction systemctl restart php-fpm to the update to PHP 8 in Rocky Linux 8/AlmaLinux 8/RHEL 8.
N/A10386Date filter documentation for the Log Viewer.


    • Related: 10092
Not normal filter documentation for the Tree View widget at Dashboards.


    • Related: 9859
Documentation on the new widget named Avg|Sum|Max|Min Module data.


    • Related: 9680
Documentation on the new widget named Modules by status.


    • Related: 9666
Documentation on the new widget named Event cardboard.
N/A10459In password policy, now they are also applied by default to superadmin (new PFMS installations).


    • Related: 10430
New settings token to enable random wallpaper and opacity percentage on PFMS login screen.
N/A10505Warning of incompatibility with AD primary groups (advanced group configuration in Active Directory authentication).


    • Related: 4289
Documented the procedure to choose the server (nodes and Command Center) that runs a CronJob.
N/A10572Added section for Red Hat 7 to topic 7.18 “Upgrading from PHP 7 to PHP 8”.
N/A10599Explained in more detail the lightweight mode in IPAM PFMS.
N/A10601Added parameter PANDORA_LTS to the online installer, for both EL8 and Ubuntu Server 22.
N/A10619French translation of topic 8.3 “Référence pour le développement de Pandora FMS”.


    • Related: 9073
Documentation for the new tip feature for users, Welcome tips appear every time users log in.


    • Related: 10347
“Group Tactical View” documentation.
N/A10650Added a maintenance image in Visual Consoles, as well as the correction of their respective public links.


    • Related: 10324
New favorites system documentation.
N/A10884Transcript of the French translation of item 7.3 “Études de volumétrie et de capacité”.
N/A10933Added the online installation by command terminal of Software Agents for MS Windows©.
N/A10949Added the Split-Brain procedure for Pandora FMS HA in database.
N/A10982Debugged the documentation of the new location path of the binary files used for both NetFlow® and sFlow®.


    • Related: 9976
Fixed the documentation error [CLI] in –create_data_module in Spanish. Removed references to PFMS versions 5.x and 6.x.

Bugs conocidos

N/A11338 ^SM ^JL ^LC ^JJOSChecked and simplified the Spanish official documentation, 89 total units.

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