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New Generation of Safetica is here!

September 2021 marks an important event in Safetica’s history: the introduction of Safetica ONE, offering multiplatform content inspection with OCR, and reporting API. Safetica ONE is the 10th generation of our Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution and the first generation reflecting our repositioning towards unified Insider Threat Protection with DLP, all of this presented within the new Safetica brand.

New Generation of Safetica is Here!

New portfolio: Safetica ONE and Safetica NXT 

Ten years after the introduction of the first generation of Safetica, we are happy to present to you the newest one. Our flagship, enterprise-grade solution Safetica ONE (formerly Safetica DLP) offers Data Loss Prevention and Insider threat protection within one solution. This 10th generation data security solution is coming to the market accompanied by our brand new cloud-based alternative. Our SaaS product, Safetica NXT, helps organizations with easy & early detection and response to internal threats and data flow risks. 

“With Safetica, data security is now available for every company. We are excited to introduce our new Safetica approach, Insider Threat Protection, which adds flexible security features to our proven Data Loss Protection,” explains Richard Brulík, Safetica’s CEO.

Safetica NXT dashboard

New approach: Insider Threat Protection

Safetica is well known for its complete DLP capabilities, which are now combined with Insider threat protection to offer modern data security solution. This allows risk detection independent of data classification and provides early warnings of risk – hours or days before it can turn into actual data security incidents.

When Safetica ONE is deployed in an organization for the first time, automated risk detection helps to identify hidden data security threats. For our current customer base, risk analysis will help admins to improve their existing DLP configurations.

New features: Safetica ONE (10.0)

We spent thousands of hours to bring you the biggest update ever, with the new content inspection and OCR, risk detection, data analytics API integration. We also improved the user experience and refreshed user interface to reflect our new branding. Let’s take a closer look at the new features.

Efficient multiplatform-ready content inspection enables a less invasive DLP approach, which we boosted with smart pre-scanning to minimalize impact on user productivity. Optimized inspection technology widely improves file type support. The biggest new feature is Optical Character Recognition (OCR), which allows for sensitive data detection in scanned PDF documents and image files. Enhanced content inspection is available on Windows, with macOS support coming soon. Learn more about Safetica ONE in this webinar

Better data availability: Reporting API 

Data is only as useful as it is available to check and decide upon. We want our customers to be able to use Safetica data for their analytics, to create advanced custom reports and further promote data security in their company and to every employee. 

That is why we implemented an API for integrating Safetica with reporting services such as PowerBI or Tableau to enable more advanced data analytics and visualization or inclusion of data protection statistics to broader/custom cybersecurity dashboards.

And last, we overhauled the GUI and improved UX across the entire Safetica ONE product to reflect our new Safetica brand and bring a more intuitive user experience. 

New brand: logo, positioning and website

Our revamped Safetica One interface stems from our new visual identity and Safetica brand. The logotype accompanied by a shield symbolizes data and protection, the color blue highlights reliability and peace of mind. Our brand new website reflects our new positioning and brand.


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About Safetica
Safetica is to provide small and mid-sized companies with the same quality data protection that corporations have – affordably, and without any additional IT administration or disruptions in operation.



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