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Monitor all clients’ backups in the Cloud

Monitor all clients’ backups in the Cloud

14.06.2021 Nyon – Actiphy is simplifying the monitoring of backup jobs with a new online portal designed mainly for IT Resellers and Managed Service Providers. Actiphy Portal Service (APS) has been specially designed with IT Channel Partners in mind, to monitor clients’ backup infrastructure and generate reports from a single location on the web. It is a free!

Actiphy Portal Service is a powerful cloud-based help for IT Partners’ daily management of backup tasks. This tool is free of charge and does not require users from switching to more expensive backup licences, as other backup and DR competitors often require.

Service Providers who already use ServerEYE, Solarwind (Acmeo), PRTG Pässler or others to monitor their systems, should continue to use their Remote Monitoring and Management tools as they inspect all areas outside of backup. Should technicians wish to know more details about backup tasks, they can get more information with the APS console. A perfect synergy!

The missing piece for IT Resellers and MSPs.

The existing local console is taken to the Cloud with APS and IT Partners no longer need to use VPN connections to monitor all their clients.

APS completes the Business Continuity offering of Actiphy. It is the perfect addition to the latest free adds-on from Actiphy: automated backup testing (creation, consistency, and backup file bootability) as backup isolation which protects backup files from being encrypted by ransomware once they have been created. With the additional APS Cloud-based portal, SMBs are offered a complete Business Continuity solution at a very affordable price. SMBs have all the tools to protect their data and assets in this post-pandemic time.

IT Channel partners who do not yet use a Remote Monitoring and Management tool to centrally monitor backups of all their clients now have a free option to do so with Actiphy Portal Service.

How to get Actiphy Portal Service?

Register to Actiphy Portal Service beta programme on the following link:     

No specific system requirements are needed to use Actiphy Portal Service and all ActiveImage Protector agentless and agent-based clients with a direct https internet access to the cloud-based portal location can be monitored.

What can you already do with Actiphy Portal Service?

  • – Dashboard: General information about the status of agents and storage, and any problems that may have been detected in the past 7 days.
  • – Sites: Create a site to group agents for reporting purposes. The portal was designed with MSP resellers in mind, each site can represent a physical location of agents to be managed, or a company.
  • – Users: Create, remove or temporarily disable users. The current beta version only supports creating users of the type “Admin”.
  • – Licencing: general state of agent licenses and get an overview of license status.
Actiphy Portal Service dashboard

What is the future of Actiphy Portal Service?

The full version will be released after having taken into considerations all feedback received during beta-testing.

Once the full version is release, the Japanese head-quarter of Actiphy plans to continue developing APS and to make it more of a management console in the future, with installing, upgrading, and configuring everything from the Cloud. Exciting time ahead!

About Version 2
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About Actiphy
Actiphy founded in 2007, focuses on developing and offering innovative backup and disaster recovery solutions for complete protection of all your systems and data. ActiveImage Protector backs up Windows, Linux machines on physical and virtual environments and restore systems and data fast for you to be up and running with minimal downtime and data loss. Today Actiphy hold 20% of the image backup market in Japan and are expanding our services in the Asia/Pacific and North American regions, as well as in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.



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