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Safetica 9.6: How to achieve flexible security for remote companies?

Companies around the world are switching to the home office often overnight. Safetica is striving to help them not only with its recommendations for working from home but also with the new version of its solution, which will be introduced in the upcoming days. New features include e.g. improved data transfer protection between remote devices, mood mapping in the team, and many other useful features.

Take a quick look at our webinar recording and find out more from our Safetica Team.

Regulatory compliance for remote companies

As organizations are shifting to remote working, ensuring proper identification and protection of personally identifiable information (PII), healthcare and financial data is even more important than before, so that the remote company complies with regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA or PCI-DSS.

To facilitate secure remote working, the following measures should be followed:

  • Keep company files protected when users connect to work devices remotely with the updated remote desktop DLP for protecting sensitive data transfers or all remote file transfers in general
  • Your users often best know what data they’re working with, so allow them to classify documents using our new built-in user-based data classification
  • Use the new DLP policies for combined data types and target specific data more accurately, for instance, build special policies for classified documents which also include specific sensitive data

The lack of human interaction in remote companies

Adopting remote work poses many challenges, be it transparency, communication, reaction time, or even interpersonal issues. To tackle these, fast problem identification is key.

  • Use the new Safetica work activity report to get a quick and comprehensive overview at your company and identify issues without unnecessary delays
  • Stay in touch with your employees and check up on how they’re doing using our new Team Mood mobile feature

The challenge of securing work devices at home

Working remotely often means taking work devices away from work or working from personally owned mobile devices.

  • Keep your company data secure when your users work from home with the Safetica Device Control, now also available for macOS
  • Separate company and personal data on mobile devices with the new generation of Safetica Mobile which integrates Android Enterprise Mobile Management
  • Support healthy work-life balance of your users with non-working hour settings also supported on macOS

Author Ján Lakatoš

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