Secure remote access to apps, desktops and files, made easy.


Securely access server-based apps and desktops as well as local desktops from the browser on any device, anywhere.

Simple and non-intrusive, both for the end-user and for the administrator.

Get up and running in a matter of hours

Set up Awingu in your backend

Install the Awingu virtual appliance in the cloud of your choice (private, public or hybrid) and plug in your existing infrastructural components such as your AD, application and file servers, etc.

as of 2 hours

Upload & activate your license keys

Once your environment is ready and you want to go live, you can convert your Awingu product keys into the Awingu license via our end-user license activation portal and upload it to the appliance.

1 minute

Roll out and inform your users

Inform your users about the existence of the digital workplace and instruct them on how to set up their multi-factor authentication and how they must use Awingu via the Awingu User Guide.

5 minutes

Awingu is a feature-packed, all-in-one turnkey solution!

Aggregate everything

Rich HTML5 experience

Secure & compliant

Collaboration built-in

As trusted by our technology partners