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CyberLink Launches FaceMe® Platform 5.4, a Complete API Solution for Facial Recognition

Taipei, TAIWAN – August 23, 2023 – CyberLink Corp. (5203.TW), a pioneer in AI and facial recognition technologies, today announced the latest release of FaceMe® Platform.  An on-premise and server based facial recognition API system, supporting various operating systems (Windows, Red Hat, CentOS) and accessible through any web browser, FaceMe® Platform 5.4 further improves the process for developers to add facial recognition to applications for ID verification, such as secure system login, and access control. 

FaceMe Platform 5.4 released

Built for Developers

The FaceMe® Platform’s extensive facial recognition API set – including face template extraction, 1:1 face match (comparison), 1:N face search, video analytics, image quality check, and anti-spoofing – addresses the facial recognition needs of any use case. FaceMe® Platform’s accuracy is top ranked in both NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) FRVT 1:1 and 1:N, providing up to 99.83% TAR (true acceptance rate) at 1E-6 FMR(false match rate). It is also iBeta Level 2 Compliant, ensuring liveness detection anti-spoofing functionality when used with phone and tablet cameras.

Already developer-friendly, with tools to quickly test or benchmark the installed API’s, all with little coding needed, FaceMe® Platform 5.4 now offers even more support with a new Developer Resources page. Easily accessible from the management console, all developer needs are now available in a well-organized layout including a Demo System, Test Tool, Documents, Sample Code, and more.

For convenience during setup of new Workstations, FaceMe® Platform 5.4 now includes auto-detection of other Central servers in the same LAN. Users can simply select from a list of Central servers connected to the same LAN without typing in their IP address, saving time, and reducing the potential for error.

Scalable Architecture

FaceMe® Platform’s architecture is fully scalable. As businesses grow and add workstations, the system automatically detects the new unit’s computing power and re-balances workloads to maintain optimal performance. Deploying or replacing workstations in existing systems becomes a quick and painless process – and even more so now for developers using Red Hat Linux. FaceMe® Platform 5.4 supports Docker, enhancing the process for quicker and easier installation, accelerating deployment when expanding systems.

Applications for FaceMe® Platform

FaceMe® Platform can be applied to many applications, especially in banking, financial services, and insurance (BFSI) industries. FaceMe® Platform enables BFSI customers with precise biometric identity verification for customer log in or account creation for secure transactions and protection against fraud. Banks and insurance companies can apply 1:1 biometric verification to ensure their client matches their ID card.  Specific to Taiwan, a new eKYC feature has been added in Version 5.4 that now supports Taiwan ID documents OCR and ID document anti-spoofing via FAuth Web SDK and HTTP API.

Enterprises can also utilize FaceMe® Platform for employee identity verification. Because it is server based, FaceMe® Platform can enable facial recognition from any company laptop, tablet, or smartphone camera, without the need to install software on individual devices. This provides for a simple and secure facial verification ID process for employee login.

“We understand that each customer’s needs are unique. By enhancing the capabilities of the FaceMe® Platform, we’re giving our customers greater flexibility to create their own personalized facial recognition solutions,” said Dr. Jau Huang, CEO of CyberLink. “With the addition of the Developer Resource page, developers now have an easier path to design, test, and implement facial recognition solutions that perfectly match their organization’s requirements.”

About Version 2
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About CyberLink
Founded in 1996, CyberLink Corp. (5203.TW) is the world leader in multimedia software and AI facial recognition technology. CyberLink addresses the demands of consumer, commercial and education markets through a wide range of solutions, covering digital content creation, multimedia playback, video conferencing, live casting, mobile applications and AI facial recognition.  CyberLink has shipped several hundred million copies of its multimedia software and apps, including the award-winning PowerDirector, PhotoDirector, and PowerDVD.  With years of research in the fields of artificial intelligence and facial recognition, CyberLink has developed the FaceMe® Facial Recognition Engine. Powered by deep learning algorithms, FaceMe® delivers the reliable, high-precision, and real-time facial recognition that is critical to AIoT applications such as smart retail, smart security, and surveillance, smart city and smart home. For more information about CyberLink, please visit the official website at



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