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Introducing runZero’s new ServiceNow Service Graph integration: Get greater data accuracy for your CMDB

Big news: runZero now integrates with ServiceNow Service Graph. The runZero Service Graph integration offers a robust solution for organizations who need to get a comprehensive and up-to-date view of asset data across IT (information technology), OT (operational technology), cloud, and remote environments. This new integration will quickly and easily enrich CMDBs with high-fidelity, contextualized asset details, superseding the existing ETL integration.

The importance of data quality in CMDBs

According to Gartner, nearly one third of CMDB challenges stem from data completeness or quality concerns, which highlights the importance of prioritizing data quality in an organization’s configuration management database (CMDB). This is not just a theoretical concern: Gartner also notes that 99% of organizations using CMDB tooling who do not address configuration item data quality gaps will experience visible business disruption. This makes sense when you consider that IT infrastructure and services are critical components of most modern businesses. Without accurate information about these assets, it becomes difficult to make informed decisions related to security, compliance, risk management, and more.

To deliver better and complete visibility across your environment, the Service Graph Connector brings your runZero asset inventory into your ServiceNow CMDB. With better data quality in your CMDB, you can ensure they get managed in accordance with your organization’s policies. By leveraging runZero’s ServiceNow Service Graph integration, you can improve your CMDB accuracy and reduce the likelihood of costly disruptions caused by inaccurate data. You can be confident that you’re operating on every asset–even the ones your CMDB didn’t know about.

Eliminate data quality gaps and improve IT/IoT/OT asset visibility with runZero’s ServiceNow Service Graph integration

Many organizations are turning to Cyber Asset Management (CAM) solutions to gain better visibility into IT, IoT, and OT assets. These solutions can help proactively identify unmanaged devices and uncover security risks within networks. By using both API data sources and unauthenticated active scanning, runZero is one of the few solutions capable of discovering unmanaged IT, IoT, and OT devices. This approach is especially valuable in OT environments, where visibility may be limited.

runZero’s ServiceNow integration provides you with a powerful tool to improve your asset inventory and cyber asset management. With this integration, you can gain better visibility into IT, IoT, and OT assets, as well as identify and address data quality gaps. This can help you reduce the cost of downtime, improve labor productivity, and get more value from your CMDB investments. In addition, runZero’s active scanner is safe to use in OT environments, ensuring that you can get the most out of your cyber asset management solutions without compromising the safety of your systems. Dozens of organizations are using runZero’s combination of integrations and active discovery, including those in manufacturing, healthcare and utilities, to achieve full asset inventory.

How Capgemini helped their client get better quality data for their CMDB

Let’s take a look at the real world implications of not having a dedicated cyber asset management solution in place.

Capgemini, a global IT consulting firm, was contracted by a French manufacturer and retailer of luxury products to deploy an asset discovery solution and set up the integration with the new CMDB to store the company’s IT asset inventory. However, they were struggling to get the data they needed using MID Servers–especially for managed assets such as routers and switches. They knew they had to explore other asset discovery options.

One of the primary requirements established for the project was unauthenticated asset discovery. The IT department, part of the holding company, was having a hard time collecting credentials for service accounts for many parts of the business. Without credentials, ServiceNow was struggling to inventory most assets. As Capgemini looked into other solutions, they discovered runZero, which delivered everything their client needed: speed, accuracy, a rich API, and unauthenticated scans. runZero’s asset discovery was fast, efficient, and worked without credentials. With runZero, they found 2.5x as many devices as ServiceNow.

After seeing the results with runZero, Capgemini has other ideas for capitalizing on its capabilities. As they work with clients in future projects, runZero will give them an accurate picture of their client’s asset inventory enabling them to provide precise project plans with known scope, schedule, and cost estimates.

Ready to get better results from your CMDB investments? To get started, sign up for runZero and then get the ServiceNow Service Graph integration on the SNOW marketplace.

Be confident in your CMDB’s data quality

runZero is a cyber asset management solution that delivers full asset inventory–quickly, easily, and safely. The solution enriches CMDBs with detailed asset and network data from a purpose-built unauthenticated active scanner. Discover every asset–even the ones your CMDB didn’t know about.

About Version 2
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About runZero
runZero, a network discovery and asset inventory solution, was founded in 2018 by HD Moore, the creator of Metasploit. HD envisioned a modern active discovery solution that could find and identify everything on a network–without credentials. As a security researcher and penetration tester, he often employed benign ways to get information leaks and piece them together to build device profiles. Eventually, this work led him to leverage applied research and the discovery techniques developed for security and penetration testing to create runZero.



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