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What’s New Pandora FMS 759

What’s new in the latest Pandora FMS release, Pandora FMS 759

Let’s take a look together at the features and improvements included in the new Pandora FMS release: Pandora FMS 759.


State change thresholds based on percentage

It is an improvement that many users had requested. It allows a module changing status to be specified based on a percentage change in the value of the last data received. That way, it is more intuitive to define the situations in which you consider that a module goes into WARNING or CRITICAL status.

New trend modules 

These new modules compare the current average with the average of the previous period and return the difference in absolute value or as a percentage. They are useful to express in a simple way that, for example, the use of your network is currently 25% higher than last week, or that the temperature is 2ºC above normal if you compare it to the previous month.

Capacity planning modules

It makes predictions based on the time frame specified by the user, assuming a more or less linear performance of the target module. This type of predictive module allows you to find out how many days you have left until the disk is completely full, or the number of requests to the database you will have within a month if you continue as before. These modules replace the old prediction modules.

Network Configuration Manager

We improved the NCM features. Now in addition to being able to execute commands manually on different devices, firmwares can be uploaded, configuration changes can be verified and backups can be scheduled.

More IPAM improvements

Following in the wake of the previous release, we added some additional features to our IPAM such as defining SITES, isolated islands that allow duplicate addresses. We also added the possibility of defining a location of a previous list, ordering the lists, editing from the supernet browser and more improvements have also been incorporated.

Editor of special days in Metaconsole

The special days editor has been added and the way to assign special days to alert definition has been improved, making it more intuitive.

Policy auto-enforcement by group 

A system of automatic application of policies has been designed so that groups can be assigned policies and when a new agent is added to the group, the associated policies are applied automatically. This improves current auto-provisioning operations and enables large amounts of agents to be handled quickly.

Metaconsole inventory

Inventory display feature has been added to the Metaconsole.

Secondary IP macros in network components and plugins

From now on, through the _address_n_ macro you may use any of the secondary (or successive) IPs of an agent in network modules or remote plugins.

New alert action history report

It complements the existing event or alert reports, offering the details of each action (send email, SMS, log) for each alert launched on an agent/module. It is based on events (which now save that information when an alert is fired).

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Last but not least, remember that if you have a reduced number of devices to monitor, you can use Pandora FMS OpenSource version. Find more information here.

Do not hesitate to send us your questions. Pandora FMS team will be happy to help you!

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About PandoraFMS
Pandora FMS is a flexible monitoring system, capable of monitoring devices, infrastructures, applications, services and business processes.
Of course, one of the things that Pandora FMS can control is the hard disks of your computers.



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