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TÜV Rheinland Launches Ocean Bound Waste Recycling Audit Scheme

Marine debris, including plastics, paper, wood, metal, and other manufactured materials, is found on beaches worldwide and at all depths of the ocean. About 60%-80% of all marine debris is composed of plastic. Besides post consumer recycling, more and more leading businesses are initiating efforts in sorting and cleaning ocean-bound waste and using recycled materials in their products, as a commitment to putting their social responsibility into practice and to distinguish themselves among customers. To provide transparency and confidence for the journey of recycle, TÜV Rheinland Hong Kong has launched Ocean Bound Waste Recycling Audit Scheme.

The challenges from the business on Ocean Bound Waste Recycling includes the definition of ocean bound waste, the traceability and good practice on the recycling process and the verification standard. TÜV Rheinland has long year post-consumer waste recycling verification experience for leading business. The audit process focus not only on the whole supply chain from collecting ocean bound waste to production of final process, but also covers recycling activities to ensure the confidence.

With the newly established recycling scheme, the clear definition of ocean bound waste will be set before each audit. So that the origin of the plastic retrieved from any body of water can be confirmed and traced. During the cleaning and production of new plastic from ocean bound waste, our audit will closely monitor the journey of the recycled plastic. This allows the recycled plastic used in the products to have its origin and authenticity verified by an independent third party.

Compared with recycling plastics waste from land, ocean-bound waste recycling is a difficult endeavor, with an even longer and more complex supply chain. Thus, how to ensure supply chain transparency and instilling confidence in the customer is a key concern for businesses engaged in Ocean Bound Waste recycling. TÜV Rheinland has been playing a key role in developing verification standards and programs for whole supply chains. Transparency and consumer confidence are ensured.

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