Why GDPR affects companies around the world (video)

As you all know, today, May 25, is the day that GDPR comes into force in the European Union; legislation that will affect companies and citizens around the world, not just in the EU. This is explained by Anscombe, in a video that will hopefully help clarify some of the particulars regarding the new legislation.

GDPR returns control of personal data to the user/customer. In this sense, GDPR makes it mandatory to have the user’s consent for the use of their personal data. Also, obtaining that consent by the user entails certain responsibilities for the company or organization, as it must ensure that this information is collected by the correct persons. This information may only be stored for a period of time and that these data are encrypted.

GDPR affects globally and just within the EU

Some might find the topic concerning who is affected and where they are affected confusing, but Anscombe explains exactly how it will work: “If a user is in Europe and connects to a website or service outside Europe, that service has to provide the same privileges as if operating from Europe, which must comply with the new regulations that imposes  GDPR,” he explained.

Another example mentioned is the case of the non-European citizen, who is occasionally in EU territory and who connects to a website that they usually use when they are outside Europe. In this case, the site must comply with the new legislation, since GDPR applies to everyone who is in the EU at that time – not just its citizens.

Therefore, if you provide services or if your site has visitors from the EU it is important that you consider the changes that have come into force, that you prepare a plan and that you make sure you comply with GDPR.

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For more information on GDPR, ESET has a dedicated page to help ensure that you have all the information needed to cope with GDPR. To read more articles like this one and the ones listed above, please follow our library of related content here on WeLiveSecurity.

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