Third Party Access

Control third-party access to your environment.


Solution Code: SE010

A number of third parties, including vendors, outsourcers, consultants and service providers, have access to network resources, allowing them to modify, replace, or impact your organization’s operational service. This access is considered privileged, and it needs even more protection than employee access.

Organizations are making an effort to protect their networks, but they forget about third-party access security controls. These controls can protect third-party access to privileged credentials, as well as strengthen security aspects that are typically exploited by attackers to gain access to the corporate network.

Some actions that senhasegura can help your organization deploy:

  • Consolidate accesses into a single solution: senhasegura can be the single, centralized solution for third-party access to your network resources, such as systems and applications;
  • Disable all forms of remote access outside of senhasegura: block any other form of remote access to eliminate open ports that are usually exploited by attackers;
  • Strengthen unique credentials and two factor authentication: require all third parties who have access to the corporate network to use unique credentials and two factor authentication to reduce the risk of third-party credential theft and improve compliance with regulations
  • Use granular permissions: permission configurations can be included for a third party or team, thereby restricting which systems they can access and when;
  • Log secure audit trails and configure alerts: senhasegura allows you to log a series of audit trails for each action performed by third parties, in addition to configuring alerts for unusual activities.