Privilege Abuse

Control the misuse of privileges in your company.


Solution Code: SE009

In most IT environments, the least privilege principle is not valid. There are many reasons why more privileges than necessary are granted to a user. For example: the development team may not be aware of which privileges are to be granted. Or perhaps they do know, but believe they don’t have enough time to implement them.

As such, granting excessive permissions is problematic for two reasons: approximately 80% of corporate data attacks are actually carried out by active or former employees. On the other hand, privileges granted in excess or not revoked at the right time make malicious action easy.

How can senhasegura help your organization prevent privilege abuse?

  • Implementation of the least privilege principle;
  • Review and removal of unnecessary accesses;
  • Segregation of features in the environment;
  • Use of audit trails to detect nonconformities;
  • Adoption of real-time alerts through pattern analysis to detect suspicious activity.