Payment Card Industry – Data Security Standard.


Solution Code: SE002

A favorite target of hackers is companies that accept credit card payments and keep their customers’ sensitive data. In 2004, the credit card industry created the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, an information security standard to increase control over payment and transaction data and thus protect companies against credit card fraud and information leaks.

How can we help your company?

Some of the PCI DSS requirements demand companies to implement controls that assign a unique identity to each person with access to a computer, as well as fully monitoring network resources and customer payment data.

Main benefits

senhasegura offers a number of features to implement the control and security requirements of the PCI environment:

  • Applies controls to critical applications and systems;
  • Restricts access to environments with sensitive customer data;
  • Ensures identified accesses;
  • Applies two factor authentication in external accesses;
  • Provides encryption for data at rest and data in transit;
  • Enables traceability of all activities performed in the environment.

senhasegura offers monitoring features that allow tracking when users have accessed their workstations. It is also possible to record accesses and configure alerts each time a specific information is accessed or there is an access attempt.