Support critical video surveillance needs

with Scale Computing HC3


Solution Code: SC001

Edge Computing and Hyperconverged Video Surveillance Infrastructure Solutions

You can't be everywhere, all the time and the need for video surveillance implementations are critical to business security and monitoring. Traditional video management systems, monitoring, and new IoT technologies for video analytics and artificial intelligence continue to be a major challenge for organizations today. Optimized to consolidate video storage, video management and analytics workloads, Scale Computing HC3 is an IT infrastructure platform with the performance, ease of use and resilience required to show true ROI and benefits from video surveillance solutions and technologies.

The Virtualization Platform for Video Surveillance and Security Software

Why HC3 for Video Surveillance Infrastructure?

Integrated IT Deployment for Smaller Surveillance Systems

Current video surveillance does not meet the requirements of all organizations

For simpler deployments with a moderate number of cameras (tens to a couple hundred), running a VMS workload in one or more VMs alongside other IT infrastructure applications like AD, DNS, File and Print, etc. can greatly reduce the number of infrastructure systems to manage.





  • Traditional cost and management benefits of HC3 platforms
  • Automatic high availability for applications and data
  • Built-in self healing, autonomous operation and orchestration with HyperCore OS

Dedicated Video Surveillance Infrastructure and Storage

High quality video and regulations increase data size and retention policies

Running VMS software on top of Scale Computing HC3 hyperconverged and edge computing IT infrastructure provides the needed storage capacity and performance needs of high resolution cameras, regulations and legal requirements, and immediate access to historical data. HC3 provides even greater benefits including high availability, failover, data redundancy, rolling upgrades for infrastructure maintenance and the ability to scale out compute and storage capacity of the overall system as needs inevitably change.







  • Provides necessary storage capacity and performance for video surveillance
  • Increase video surveillance real-time analytics and decision making capabilities
  • Off the shelf configurations can support over 1000 cameras per cluster (hundreds of cameras per HC3 node.)

Video Surveillance Delivered at the Edge and Remote Branch Office

When expensive bandwidth and IT staff are not an option

For environments where a team of security professionals may have primary responsibility for security infrastructure and IT personnel are not available, the HC3 platform is easy and automated enough for non-IT team members to manage through its entire lifecycle.





  • Deploy in less than an hour
  • Single pane, web-based management
  • Automated storage management