OT and Operational Teams

SCADAfence empowers your Operational Teams with an all-in-one security solution for continuous operations and risk reduction in your OT infrastructure.


Solution Code: SD006

Arm Your
Operational Teams for Success

Your OT infrastructure is only as good as your operational teams on the ground. However, those teams are limited by the tools at their disposal. Real-time visibility, risk management and alertsing are key to maintaining operational continuity.

Unmatched Visibility

SCADAfence acts as another pair of eyes that can visualize your entire OT network from the inside out. See human error, anomalies, or security breaches in real-time and act outside of crisis mode to make smart decisions that keep business running as usual.

Low Impact, High Benefit

SCADAfence Platform is a non-intrusive platform that seamlessly connects to your existing infrastructure within minutes. This allows you to roll out the platform and benefit from its unprecedented visibility without impacting your operations.

Risk Reduction

Risk Reduction – Visibility and alerts dramatically reduce the risk to your operational infrastructure. Whether it’s human error or cyber-security incidents, our platform will alert you in real time so that you can take immediate action.

Ease of Use

The platform automatically analyzses your network and provides you with in- depth insights to the activities within it. We pride ourselves on our user-friendly user interface, which allows you to use the platform on a daily basis to ensure continued operations of your OT infrastructure.