Comprehensive Cybersecurity for Discrete & Process Manufacturing Technologies

SCADAfence helps manufacturers gain full visibility and risk management over their OT networks while adopting Industrial IoT technologies.


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Manufacturing Industry Security Challenges

The Industrial IoT digital transformation is revolutionizing manufacturing networks, but the adoption of the advanced technologies is creating new challenges for IT/OT security teams:

  • Likelihood of malware infection increases dramatically.
  • With increased connectivity, air-gapping becomes obsolete, patching is more difficult and expensive.
  • Shadow OT – undocumented devices running in the shadows.
  • OT and IT teams speak “different languages”.

SCADAfence Addresses Manufacturing Security Concerns

SCADAfence provides manufacturing organizations OT & IoT security solutions that allow them to increase connectivity, while keeping the proper control and visibility of their OT & IoT networks:

  • Complete asset discovery and visibility of the OT & IoT networks.
  • Detection of threats such as malware and device malfunctions.
  • Risk reduction through continuous monitoring.
  • Predictive attack scenarios and proactive mitigations