Regulatory compliance

Safetica makes it easy to comply with security regulations


Solution Code: SF005

Compliance can be complicated, time-consuming and costly

perform security audits

ensure data security

implement data protocols and monitor employee compliance

provide proof of compliance

Safetica. Simplifying external inspection compliance

Because Safetica sets permissions and tracks document access, all you need to do is run an internal security audit. Detailed reports of data activity are generated for you. If you're audited, you'll have everything you need right at your fingertips.

Safetica helps you to comply with security standards:


ISO 27001

ISO 9001




Safetica protects employee privacy

Safetica is designed to work in harmony with laws protecting employee privacy. Not only can you keep your employees' information safe and secure, Safetica shows you how. Added value: It's all part of the product.