DevOps and Secret Management

senhasegura is fully compliant with DevOps environments.


Solution Code: SE016

Currently, the software delivery pipeline is focused on delivering high quality products and services to the market in an increasingly fast and efficient way. One way to do this is through the use of DevOps (Development and Operations) methodologies.

DevOps promote a set of processes and methods for thinking about communication and collaboration between departments, focusing on rapid and continuous deployment, integration, delivery, and development.

All benefits obtained in the DevOps environment lead many organizations to reinforce the use of the concept for security reasons. Designed for deployment across all environments, senhasegura solution focuses on the automation, agility and control required to make the whole environment secure.

Adapt to Digital Transformation

Digital transformation has been increasingly accelerated, and the need to reduce costs while increasing the speed of software development is increasingly evident.

In times of fast deliveries and immediate results, DevOps environments have emerged to meet the need for high-quality deliveries in the shortest possible time.

Is your company ready for this new scenario?

By 2021, DevSecOps practices will be adopted by 60% of agile development teams, while there were 20% in 2019. Source: Gartner

Made for DevOps

How does senhasegura help?
IAM de Cloud integrado: The DevOps environment is quite heterogeneous, and it is difficult to view all the secrets spread across the pipeline;
senhasegura is able to discover, inventory and manage all secrets in the environment
Greater security maturity in DevOps environments (DevSecOps)
Indiscriminate creation of access keys in Cloud tools
senhasegura operates as an IAM broker
Reduced security risks and better governance
Sensitive information spread on CI/CD tools;
senhasegura scans the pipeline to detect sensitive information and allow the rotation of secrets without the need for code refactoring
Reduction of security risks and improper access to sensitive data

The main benefits to the DevOps environment brought by senhasegura are:

  • Ready-to-use, scalable and security-focused solution: senhasegura is ready to handle all sensitive data, such as passwords, API keys and SSL certificates;
  • Centralized protection, management and auditing of centralized secrets: automatic management and protection of user and machine secrets from the moment they are created. All events related to secrets are automatically and permanently recorded for audit purposes;
  • Access control with granular least privilege: helps your organization implement minimum access policies by controlling DevOps resources. Privileged users can access and limit what they are authorized to do with these features, based on their roles and tasks;
  • Integrated Cloud IAM: as an exclusive feature in relation to competitors, senhasegura offers a Cloud IAM integrated into the solution, allowing provisioning, de-provisioning, and access flows for users and access keys;
  • Controlled and monitored access to sensitive DevOps resources: centralizes access to DevOps features for maximum control and visibility.