Data theft prevention

Protect your company against critical data theft.


Solution Code: SE013

Data breaches cost millions to businesses, and the trend is for those amounts to increase each year. Thus, for the continuity of the business of any organization, it is necessary to deploy policies and procedures to prevent data theft threats, both external and internal.

In this respect, there are two types of companies: those that have already suffered data theft and those that do not know they have suffered data theft yet. Many, however, still do not know how to prevent data theft. That’s exactly what our team is ready to do for you.

senhasegura helps your organization to prevent data theft by:

  • Evaluating which data needs the greatest protection;
  • Restricting access to sensitive data;
  • Strengthening internal and external controls for data privacy;
  • Using strong passwords to protect IT devices;
  • Enabling two-factor authentication;
  • Restricting the flow of information;
  • Demanding strong passwords for all IT users.