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Defcon/Black Hat Papers, Presentations, Resources

I am a digital hoarder of sorts. Well, maybe not exactly a hoarder, as I don’t have a NAS with petabytes worth of files, but I do like to collect some good resources. Of course, those are all about Infosec/Cyber.

Thus, I’ve decided to share them with you! I am leaving a link to a shared Google Drive folder where I will be adding them. My idea here is to make them somewhat organized at least, as I don’t really want to dump ALL of them on you. The stuff in the drive is either collected by me, or other fellow collectors, and all the .pdfs and other stuff you will find there is free, and shared by their respective creators/owners!

I have to say that in my efforts to collect, I’ve had to rely on other such enthusiasts too, and what I’m sharing here was actually collected by Joas A Santos – a red teamer and an Infosec leader. Big shoutout, and thanks for allowing me to share, to Joas and also for his unceasing efforts to share the knowledge and resources with the community. All of the presentations and papers found in the drive are available online (and shared by their respective authors – I don’t want to infringe on anyone’s IP), I am just trying to curate them and organize them for a bit.

Stuff that’s currently in the gdrive:

  • Why Did You Lose the Last PS5 Restock to a Bot
  • Internal Server Exploitation With New Desynchronization Primitives
  • Taking A Dump In the Cloud
  • No Code Malware: Windows 11 At Your Service
  • Running Rootkits Like a Nation-State Hacker
  • The Darknet OpSec By a Veteran Darknet Vendor
  • Weaponizing Windows Syscalls as Modern 32-bit Shellcode
  • OopsSec – The Bad, the Worst, and the Ugly of APTs Operations Security
  • The Evil PLC Attack – Weaponizing PLCs
  • Phreaking 2.0 – Abusing Microsoft Teams Direct Routing
  • Let’s Dance In the Cache – Destabilizing Hash Table on Microsoft IIS
  • Trace Me If You Can – Bypassing Linux Syscall Tracing
  • How Russia Is Trying to Block TOR
  • Reversing the Original XBOX Live Protocols
  • Save the Environment (Variable) Hijacking Legitimate Applications With a Minimal Footprint
  • Android Universal Root- Exploiting xPU Drivers
  • Devils Are In the File Descriptors: It Is Time To Catch Them All
  • ELF Section Docking – Revisiting Stageless Payload Delivery
  • Better Privacy Through Offense: How To Build a Privacy Red Team
  • A Journey Into Fuzzing WebAssmebly Virtual Machines
  • Glitched on Earth by Humans: A Black-box Security Evaluation of the SpaceX Starlink User Terminal
  • Invisible Finger: Practical Electromagnetic Interference Attack on Touchscreen-based Electronic Devices
  • Trust Dies In the Darkness – Shedding Light on Samsung’s TrustZone Cryptographic Design
  • Broken Mesh: New Attack Surfaces of Bluetooth Mesh
  • Human or Not: Can You Really Detect the Fake Voices?
  • A New Trend For the Blue Team – Using a Practical Symbolic Engine to Detect Evasive Forms of Malware/Ransomware
  • Tunable Replica Circuit For Fault-Injection Detection
  • Scaling the Security Researcher to Elminate OSS Vulnerabilities Once and for All
  • AAD Joined Machines – The New Lateral Movement
  • The Growth of Global Election Disinformation: The Role and Methodology of Government-linked Cyber Actors
  • Blasting Event-Driven Cornucopia: WMI-based User-space Attacks Blind SIEMs and EDRs
  • Dragon Tails: Preserving Supply-side Vulnerability Disclosure
  • IAM Whoever I Say IAM: Infiltrating Identity Providers Using 0Click Exploits
  • Attacks From a New Front Door in 4G & 5G Mobile Networks
  • Process Injection – Breaking All macOS Security Layers With a Single Vulnerability
  • Less SmartScreen More Caffeine – ClickOnce (Ab)Use for Trusted Code Execution
  • One Bootloader to Load Them All
  • Crossing the KASM: A Webapp Pentest Story

One last disclaimer, this time from me personally: I don’t have any political affiliations nor any sort of ideologically-driven agenda; I only care about the research/technical aspects of the linked resources, also, as mentioned before, these are shared freely.

Finally, here’s the link where you can find the above documents. Enjoy!

(I might also be uploading new stuff there, that’s currently not listed, so feel free to check it out from time to time, and if something’s not working for you feel free to ping me for access, or for me to send you the files)

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