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The Benefits of Moving Your RADIUS Server to the Cloud

Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service (RADIUS Authentication) authenticates and authorizes users trying to access a network by sending client access requests to a RADIUS server. The requests are formatted with data such as the client’s password, username, port, and IP address which are then examined in the database for matches.

Leveraging RADIUS in your organization can strengthen your network security through centralized authentication and enhanced access controls. RADIUS servers can be very useful in many contexts, and migrating it to the cloud can be used with WiFi access points and VPNs. By shifting to the cloud, RADIUS becomes more centralized within an organization’s core infrastructure.

The Advantages of Shifting RADIUS Server to the Cloud:

 Added Security Benefits: A RADIUS server gives room for unique user credentials which mitigates the threat of hackers infiltrating a network, WiFi since there is no shared fused password among several people.

  • Reduces the Hassle of Password Management: With unique credentials, a shared password does not need routine changing since every person manages their own. This saves time for IT administrators and eliminates the need for users to routinely update passwords.
  • Benefits Enterprise Networks with Multiple IT Admins: With a RADIUS server, it is extremely easy to control who and what has access and when. Only authorized users have access   sensitive information with a large organization’s network. VLAN segmentation through attributes critical characteristics of RADIUS-driven networks.
  • Centralizes User and System Authentication: IT admins have only one contact point for managing user’s password management, authentication, and authorization.
  • Easy Integrations with Existing Infrastructure: Modern RADIUS servers can easily integrate with any IT infrastructure currently in place. The extent of flexibility means that you can use cloud RADIUS with other infrastructure that you already set up, and this benefit can be enjoyed with the traditional setup.
  • Easy Activation and Deactivation: RADIUS servers are typically handled by a third-party provider which helps reduce workloads for resource-light IT admins point their network to the cloud RADIUS endpoints for authentication.
  • Secure VPN Authentication: Not only does RADIUS authentication securely connect users to WiFi networks, but it also works with VPNs. This ensures that only authorized users can access your network through your company VPN.
  • Enables 802.1x: 802.1x uses Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP) for shifting authentication packets between two parts. EAP is highly versatile, making it easy to add to an existing infrastructure. 

Cloud-based RADIUS servers can serve as a great authentication solution that provides immense benefits without the hassles of managing and maintaining on-prem hardware.

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