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Can User Behavior Analytics Help IT Security Mitigate Risk to Corporate Networks?

Your employees can use their laptops or mobile devices from anywhere within your corporate building to access your WiFi network. Convenience is often coupled with risk however, and many WiFi networks these days simply do not have the appropriate security measures needed, making them susceptible to cyber threats that put your company’s data and customer information at risk.

However, you can protect your network and sensitive data by using some of these best practices for WiFi network security. We’ll focus on the four most effective methods for WiFi security:

4 Best Practices for Enterprise WiFi Security

When it comes to WiFi security and preventing unauthorized access and data loss, businesses must take the time to thoroughly plan out a comprehensive strategy. Although the degree of protection needed, and the available budget determine the final security measures, the essential guidelines listed below can be helpful for getting started.

I. Maintain User Segregation Between Internal and Guest Users

When guests come to your place of business, they will most likely want access to your WiFi network. While giving this to your customers seems a perk, you must maintain a barrier between their access and that of your employees. If they do not need access to any company’s resources, it is beneficial to your company’s safety to ensure that they are kept separate.

II. Carefully Select Your SSID Name

Your SSID shouldn’t advertise your company. Organizations often expose their networks to attackers, and in densely inhabited areas the risks of a hack are much higher. Even with an unassuming SSID, hackers may locate your WiFi network. Yet, having a safename increases the difficulty of hacking a network. Note that banal SSIDs assist WiFi security but aren’t a must-have.

III. Utilize Intrusion Prevention Systems for WiFi Networks

Include a wireless intrusion prevention system (IPS) inside your Wi-Fi security to protect your system. These devices monitor and detect targeted WLAN cyberattacks that utilize packet floods,ARP (Address Resolution Protocol),spoofing, and malicious broadcasts.

Snort refers to a network intrusion prevention system that can swiftly detect and handle potential threats. as a preemptive approach to securing your network. As with intrusion detection, these systems also help monitor network traffic. Depending on your network administrator’s security controls, they can rapidly respond against a prospective exploit.

IV. Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Mobile device management (MDM) allows you isolate and manage access for numerous mobile devices which protects your corporate network and data in numerous ways, including:

  • Monitoring regulatory compliance activities.
  • Remotely deactivate or disconnect illegal users and their devices.
  • Centralize device update auditing.
  • Protect mobile devices with your company’s security protocols.

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