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Version 2 Limited 是亞洲其中一間最有活力的 IT 公司,公司發展及代理各種不同的互聯網、資訊科技、多媒體產品,當中包括通訊系統、保安、網絡、多媒體及消費市場產品。透過公司龐大的網絡、銷售點、分銷商及合作伙伴,Version 2 Limited 提供廣被市場讚賞的產品及服務。Version 2 Limited 的銷售網絡包括香港、中國、台灣、新加坡、澳門等地區,客戶來自各行各業,包括全球 1000 大跨國企業、上市公司、公用機構、政府部門、無數成功的中小企及來自亞洲各城市的消費市場客戶。



Scale Computing Continues to Deliver High-Performing, Scalable Edge Computing and IT Infrastructure to Manufacturing Industry

訊連科技推出全新PowerDVD 21 輕鬆打造家庭劇院及無所不在的個人化串流服務

Safe-T’s Zero Trust Network Access Solutions Added as an Approved Vendor to NASA’s Solution for Enterprise-Wide Procurement Contract Vehicle

Purple Fox malware has gained new and alarming worm capabilities

How to Protect Remote Access with PAM

Safe-T Recognized by Gartner as a Representative Vendor in “Emerging Technologies: Adoption Growth Insights for Zero Trust Network Access” Report

Bugs in VMware vRealize Operations platform make RCE and admin’s credentials theft possible

Git Repository Backup: third-party software or your own script

Portnox CLEAR vs. On-Premise NAC: A Look at Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Can ZTNA Reduce the Stress of Working from Home? A Gartner Report

黑客鎖定製造業發動目標式勒索和 DDoS 攻擊,成為新常態!!! SCADAfence OT 高端網絡安全解決方案協助解決製造業的安全挑戰

訊連科技推出全新FaceMe® Security智慧安控解決方案支援多種主流VMS 協助安控應用快速導入刷臉門禁、出勤及口罩、體溫監測

A Microsoft Exchange saga: How is ESET technology protecting business customers post-exploitation?

Major Events Venue Moves from On-Prem to Cloud NAC as Part of Digital Transformation

The risks of lack of access protection in cloud environments





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