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VEGAS Creative Software Launches VEGAS Pro 21 and Partners with Boris FX to Include Mocha Planar Tracking

Introducing AI-Supported Masking and Compositing, Advanced VFX Framework

Madison, Wisconsin – VEGAS Creative Software announced today a major new upgrade to their flagship cloud-enabled software for video/audio editing, compositing and effects. VEGAS Pro 21 provides an improved, streamlined and more accessible content creation experience for the global creator community. The new version introduces a number of advanced features and workflow enhancements that add significant improvements to the VEGAS Pro workflow and creative possibilities for users.

VEGAS Creative Software also announced, in partnership with Boris FX, the release of Mocha VEGAS, a version of the Emmy award-winning motion tracking product specifically designed for VEGAS Pro 21. Launched directly from the VEGAS Pro interface, Mocha VEGAS gives instant access to the same sophisticated planar tracking technology that has made Mocha an industry standard for content creators of all types, including Hollywood pros.

VEGAS Pro 21: Another Leap Forward for the Global Creator Community

VEGAS Pro 21 caters to the needs of today’s content creators with the introduction of a number of new features and capabilities that bring sophisticated video and audio editing tools to users of all skill levels, making them even more accessible with flexible new pricing models.

Key new features introduced in VEGAS Pro 21 include:

  • Mocha VEGAS Planar Tracker: Mocha VEGAS is a custom version of the Mocha planar tracking tool developed by Boris FX that integrates tightly into the VEGAS Pro workflow. Tracking data is readily available to be applied in various ways inside VEGAS Pro, allowing the built-in Motion Tracking or Stabilization tools to achieve truly impressive results.
  • Z-Depth OFX Plug-in and Compositor: The new Z-Depth tool in VEGAS Pro 21 enables artists to achieve advanced compositing results and flexible video effects handling. Powered by AI-based image analysis, it allows for instantly defining a foreground and a background layer, simply based on a variable threshold value -and then treating those layers differently. Creative options range from placing text between some foreground objects and the background of the same image, or giving the background independent effect treatment such as blur or color correction.
  • Smart Masking: Now out of beta, the new Smart Masking plug-in analyzes video frame by frame and, again powered by AI, precisely identifies and tracks moving objects. It automatically generates detailed input for the Bézier Masking plug-in, which can be added to the FX chain with a mask already in place, saving hours of work in advanced compositing tasks. The newly created masks are of course fully adjustable to manually correct for any inaccuracies.
  • Adjustment Events: This new feature enables adding effects to projects in very flexible and creative ways by extending the unique architecture of VEGAS Pro. Creators can add time-based adjustment events to a project and assign any combination of effects to them. Any video events in the timeline connected to the adjustment event will be subject to its effect processing, which can also be dialed in dynamically over time. This can be used to easily bring effects in and out, create sophisticated custom transitions, and much more.
  • Cloud-Based Text to Speech: VEGAS Pro Text to Speech functionality has been further optimized and is now powered by cloud computing and available to all VEGAS Pro subscribers across all of the product variants. Expanded functionality includes scores of additional languages, accents, tones and voices, and the ability to access new voices and features as soon as they are ready, without having to wait for a new update release of VEGAS Pro.
  • New Transitions and Effects: VEGAS Pro 21 comes with a number of impressive new effects for creative editing and compositing: The Offset and Wrap plug-in enables a variety of motion-based sliding, mirroring and wrapping effects, especially useful when paired with Adjustment Events to create exciting transitions. New GL Transition presets include Static Wipe, which adds an organic-looking static edge to the transition line between two clips, and Directional Scale, a very useful tool to transition between clips by moving and scaling them in conjunction with each other.
  • Quick Upload: The Quick Upload function enables uploading files from the computer or other devices to the VEGAS Hub File Drop collections. This allows for easy backups as well as working with your media files more easily across multiple devices, drastically reducing the time necessary to get them to the VEGAS Pro timeline.

The VEGAS Pro Lineup

VEGAS Creative Software caters to the diversity of content creators with a variety of products to meet their specific requirements and budget. The VEGAS Pro mission is to provide them with all the tools they need to realize their ideas from start to finish, without the need to launch third-party apps. VEGAS Pro 21 is available in three options:

VEGAS Pro Edit

Ideally suited for professional content creators, aspiring editors and even novices who want the pure VEGAS Pro editing experience, VEGAS Pro Edit includes:

  • VEGAS Pro 21
  • 20GB of cloud storage (available with subscription plan)
  • Cloud-based Text-to-Speech and Speech-to-Text (newly-available with subscription plan)
  • VEGAS Content: 20 royalty-free HD video / audio clips per month (with subscription plan)


VEGAS Pro Suite

Designed for aspiring and professional content creators like filmmakers, social media influencers, YouTubers, and others, VEGAS Pro Suite includes:

  • VEGAS Pro 21- full software
  • SOUND FORGE Audio Studio – complete audio editing solution
  • ACID Music Studio – loop-based music production
  • Mocha VEGAS – motion tracking software
  • Boris FX Primatte Studio – chroma keying software
  • 50GB of cloud storage (available with subscription plan)
  • Cloud-based Text-to-Speech and Speech-to-Text (newly-available with subscription plan)
  • VEGAS Content: 20 royalty-free HD video / audio clips per month (with subscription plan)


VEGAS Pro Post

Developed for content creators who require a complete video/audio editing and high-end compositing and RAW image compositing workflow experience, VEGAS Pro Post includes:

  • VEGAS Pro 21
  • VEGAS Effects for high-end compositing
  • VEGAS Image for RAW image compositing
  • SOUND FORGE Pro – professional audio editor
  • ACID Pro – creative loop-based DAW
  • Mocha VEGAS – motion tracking software
  • Boris FX Primatte Studio – chroma keying software
  • 100GB of cloud storage (available with subscription plan)
  • Cloud-based Text-to-Speech and Speech-to-Text (newly-available with subscription plan)
  • VEGAS Content: Unlimited access to royalty-free HD and 4K video and/or audio clip downloads (available with subscription plan)

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Today, millions of VEGAS Pro and VEGAS Movie Studio users benefit from global industry-leading video editing technologies. Now, VEGAS launches into a new era. In May, 2016, MAGIX acquired the multiple award-winning VEGAS Pro and VEGAS Movie Studio product lines, along with other video and audio products. VEGAS Creative Software stands poised to take video editing to a new level. Our development teams in the US and Germany are working on innovative solutions to old problems, and building tools that push the boundaries of what’s currently possible. The VEGAS Creative Software mission: to make VEGAS software faster, more efficient, and even more intuitive. Our goal: to provide users at all levels–from video editing amateurs to creative professionals–tools that are perfectly suited to their needs and demands.



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