The Power to Support Today’s

Modern Learning Environment


Solution Code: SC002

Enhance learning experiences in the classroom, the campus, and beyond with Scale Computing HC3 infrastructure. As educational institutions face the growing demands of modern learning, HC3 delivers agile, always-on IT across a variety of environments. Using cutting edge technologies, the award winning HC3 uses self-healing and automation to maximize application uptime and performance, simplify management, and protect data. Simply put: Your two biggest costs in IT are downtime and people. The HC3 platform addresses both.

Experiencing so much success with Scale Computing, MSD of Wayne Township has now gone through their second HC3 hyperconverged infrastructure implementation

Made for the IT Infrastructure Demands of Education


Manage less with a system designed to run your critical applications more easily.

Automation replaces complexity in the infrastructure making HC3 far easier to deploy and manage. The integration of storage, servers, hypervisor, and machine intelligence automates management tasks, saving you time and money. From unmanned edge computing deployments to the datacenter, spend less time managing and maintaining infrastructure and more time on projects that make your organization better.





  • Deploys in less than an hour

  • Deploy new applications in seconds

  • Single pane, web-based management

  • Cloud-based management of remote sites and workloads

  • Automated storage management

  • No-downtime system updates for hardware and software

  • Single vendor support experience

High Availability

Keep your critical apps and data always on and available.

In today’s 24/7/365 world, IT systems can’t afford downtime. HC3 was designed to be highly available, no matter what happens. Even when a hardware component fails, or the entire HC3 appliance breaks down, an HC3 cluster can keep your systems running with little or no downtime. Keep your applications available with a system that won’t let you down.





  • Redundant critical hardware components

  • Automatic failover of applications from a failed appliance

  • Automatic data restriping for failed disks

  • Highly available VMs/applications

  • Intelligent self-healing automation

  • Integrated Disaster Recovery, backup, Replication and failover to remote systems


Infrastructure that fits where you need it, and grows with you when you need it.

Traditionally, infrastructure scale-out has been so challenging that organizations planned and purchased infrastructure to accommodate growth up to five years in advance. With HC3 infrastructure, you buy only what you need and then scale-out seamlessly when you need it, from the edge to the datacenter and beyond.





  • Scale-out without downtime

  • Seamless scale-out with automated storage configuration

  • Mix and match hardware appliances

  • Deployments as small as a single server through large clusters.

  • Deployable on hardware designed for the edge, including very small, lightweight systems.

  • Scale-out for higher VM performance