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Solution Code: SC006

Optimize your transportation operations with self-healing, automated infrastructure for your applications. Whether you are in over-the-road, rail, marine, or air transportation you need the right IT platform to deliver improved fleet management, monitoring, contactless delivery technology, increased productivity and lower TCO while keeping your critical data and crew safe.

With Scale Computing’s HC3, you can ensure application availability, simplify management, and secure applications on your fleet and beyond. Finally, you can free your IT team from the complexity and costs of traditional IT, allowing them to focus more on furthering business needs.

Made for the IT Infrastructure Demands of Transportation

Made for the IT Infrastructure Demands of Transportation


Manage less with a system designed to run your critical apps more easily.

Replacing multiple vendors with an integrated, self-healing infrastructure makes HC3 far easier to deploy and manage. Your IT administrators will spend less time managing infrastructure and have more time for projects that will move your business forward.





  • Deploys in less than an hour

  • Create new application in seconds

  • Single pane, web-based management
    Cloud-based management of remote sites and workloads

  • Automated storage management

  • No-downtime system updates for hardware and software

  • Single vendor support experience

High Availability

Keep your critical apps and data always on and available.

In a manufacturing environment, your organization can’t afford IT system downtime. Even if a hardware component or an entire HC3 appliance fails, an HC3 cluster can keep your systems running with little to no downtime.







  • Redundant critical hardware components

  • Automatic failover of applications from a failed appliance

  • Automatic data restriping for failed disks

  • Highly available VMs/applications
    Intelligent self-healing automation

  • Integrated disaster recovery, backup, replication and failover to remote systems


Infrastructure that grows with you when you need it.

Traditionally, infrastructure scale-out has been so challenging that organizations planned and purchased infrastructure to accommodate growth up to five years in advance. Edge computing, smaller remote sites, and mobile vehicles create new challenges with restrictions on physical size, power, noise, and manageability. With HC3 infrastructure, you buy only what you need and then scale-out seamlessly when you need it.





  • Scale-out without downtime

  • Seamless scale-out with automated storage configuration

  • Mix and match hardware appliances

  • Deployments as small as a single server through large clusters.

  • Deployable on hardware designed for the edge, including very small, lightweight systems.
    Scale-out for higher performance



The time spent managing a system may be the single, most overlooked cost of a solution. How many hours a day do your IT professionals spend just to keep your infrastructure running, and on routine tasks, like monitoring performance and doing updates? With HC3, management, time is kept at a minimum, which keeps your ongoing costs lower than any other solution.


Scale Computing envisioned “hyperconvergence” with the goal of simplifying daily IT tasks and reducing costs. Complex IT infrastructures requiring high levels of expertise can now be replaced with streamlined HCI system HC3.


The IT needs of organizations evolve over time. While scaling traditional architectures can be complex, HC3 allows you to scale out seamlessly, without taking any VMs offline. Choose from low compute/high storage, higher-end hybrid-storage, or high compute/solid state nodes. Enjoy more flexibility than traditional solutions, while aligning your business needs.