Future-Ready Store Infrastructure


Solution Code: SC007

Cultivate more seamless, personalized customer experiences and spend less time managing infrastructure. Combine virtualization, IoT, and edge computing with an adaptable infrastructure that streamlines retail IT operations at the storefront level, and provides major opportunities to enhance the consumer experience while also lowering costs. Run your existing business applications—such as point of sale, inventory management, video security, and your new IoT transformative applications—on a common platform.

HC3 Edge technology solutions deliver crucial improvements to existing IT infrastructure and future-proof retail environments for edge-based IoT and smart retail applications

Made for the IT Infrastructure Demands of Retail


Manage less with a system designed to run your critical applications more easily.

Combine traditional applications like: point of sale, equipment monitoring, inventory management, building controls, video surveillance, etc. with the necessary IoT and transformative technologies that enable IoT and transformative technologies onto a single platform. HC3 is designed to eliminate discrete systems running single operational applications and data silos which hinder advancements in operational efficiency, functional collaboration, and creation of new services.





  • Deploys in less than an hour

  • Create new VMs in minutes

  • One common platform for legacy and future applications

  • Single pane, web-based management

  • Automated storage management

  • No-downtime system updates for hardware and software

  • Single vendor support experience

High Availability

Keep your critical apps and data always on and available.

In today’s 24/7/365 world, IT systems can’t afford downtime. HC3 was designed to be highly available, no matter what happens. Even when a hardware component fails, or the entire HC3 appliance breaks down, an HC3 cluster can keep your systems running with little or no downtime. Keep your business moving with a system that won’t let you down.







  • Redundant critical hardware components

  • Automatic failover of VMs from a failed appliance

  • Automatic data restriping for failed disks

  • Highly available VMs

  • Intelligent self-healing automation

  • Replication and failover to remote systems


Infrastructure that grows with you when you need it.

Traditionally, infrastructure scale-out has been so challenging that organizations planned and purchased infrastructure to accommodate growth up to five years in advance. With HC3 infrastructure, you buy only what you need and then scale-out seamlessly when you need it.





  • Scale-out without downtime

  • Seamless scale-out with automated storage configuration

  • Mix and match hardware appliances

  • Scale-out for higher VM performance