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Introducing Ateraverse: the ultimate virtual event for IT Pros

Join us and connect with your peers and colleagues, as well as industry leaders, for an exciting two-day virtual event tailored specifically for IT professionals. Ateraverse offers you a front-row seat to the latest innovations from Atera and a unique opportunity to learn from like-minded professionals.

The event will take place on May 3-4, 2023, and promises to be a unique opportunity for the Atera community to connect, engage, and grow together.

Our agenda is packed with inspiring sessions, workshops, and panels on the topics that matter most to IT professionals, including cybersecurity threats and changing market trends.

You can also add strategies to your arsenal that will help you remove redundancies and inefficiencies from your processes – something that all IT professionals can appreciate.

Some of the speakers you can look forward to hearing from include:


The conference is built around the real-world concerns that IT professionals are expected to face in 2023 and beyond, such as mounting tech debt, increased cybersecurity threats, and growing workloads.

The “Year of Efficiency” has brought a focus on “lean and mean” IT operations, with organizations exploring redundancies and underutilized tools and processes. Ateraverse aims to provide attendees with ‌best practices and practical solutions for this evolving space. The two-day virtual event will feature eight sessions with industry leaders and peers discussing cutting-edge solutions such as intelligent automation, AI integrations, and zero-trust architecture.

Sponsored by Microsoft, Ateraverse promises to be an engaging conversation about the forefront of the IT field and help IT professionals transition smoothly into the new, automated age. The conference will also feature speakers who are thought leaders in the IT and cybersecurity space, as well as a surprise keynote speaker.

About Version 2
Version 2 is one of the most dynamic IT companies in Asia. The company develops and distributes IT products for Internet and IP-based networks, including communication systems, Internet software, security, network, and media products. Through an extensive network of channels, point of sales, resellers, and partnership companies, Version 2 offers quality products and services which are highly acclaimed in the market. Its customers cover a wide spectrum which include Global 1000 enterprises, regional listed companies, public utilities, Government, a vast number of successful SMEs, and consumers in various Asian cities.

About Atera
Small and medium IT operators are the heroes behind the scenes supporting companies around the world. They care a lot for their clients (external or internal) and often work virtually 24/7. However, small and medium IT service providers have always been underserved.
Atera was built for exactly that. With the vision to simplify and streamline the work of Managed Service Providers and IT professionals. To create something that saves them time, energy, and money. To free them from needing to constantly put out fires.
That vision created the remote-first IT management software – enabling IT professionals to shift from reactive task takers to proactive problem solvers.
Now operating from our beautiful offices on Rothchild in Tel Aviv, Atera is currently used by thousands and thousands of IT professionals all over the world (105+ countries).
As we rapidly grow, our goal remains the same: to transform the IT industry with revolutionary technology, while creating one of the happiest and healthiest work environments in the world.



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