What is Disaster Recovery and why do you need it?

Disaster Recovery (DR) is the process of restoring user access to lost data, applications and systems following a profound data loss event, such as a natural disaster, a deliberate data breach or employee negligence. A disaster can be anything from the extreme (a natural disaster or a cyberattack) to the accidental (a mistakenly unplugged power source).

Every business that uses any sort of technology should have a DR plan. For many companies, especially those with a single location, the fastest and easiest way to implement one is to adopt a Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solution. DRaaS solutions commonly provide remote data backup and recovery, data replication, and failover to a remote datacenter or cloud for a monthly fee based on the storage and compute resources needed

There are many benefits to having a DR process in place. First off, it allows businesses to limit the amount of data lost or corrupted by a disaster. They can also drastically decrease their recovery time objective (RTO) and recovery point objective (RPO). Furthermore, businesses with DR processes have a significantly less chance of loss of business or damage to business reputation. And finally, it gives them the ability to ensure all employees are knowledgeable on what action to take when a disaster occurs.

DR processes can mean the difference between a short amount of downtime and data loss to losing hundreds of thousands of dollars and spending weeks or months trying to recover. Disasters are bound to happen, and a DR process ensures that a business is able to quickly rebound from any impactful event.

At Scale Computing, our HC3 architecture, which provides easy to manage hyperconverged infrastructure for everything from centralized datacenters to widely distributed edge computing use cases, comes fully equipped with a number of built-in DR capabilities and the availability of a fully managed DRaaS solution known as HC3 Cloud Unity DRaaS.

HC3 Cloud Unity DRaaS provides an HC3 DR replication target running securely in Google Cloud Platform. Workloads can be replicated to the Google cloud for failover or recovery on a per VM basis. Secure network connectivity to the Google based Cloud Unity resources is built in making access to cloud based compute and storage resources simple. HC3 Cloud Unity looks just like the on-premises version of HC3 making the management experience easy and familiar.

Customers with multiple locations may chose to host and run their own DR systems, or even have different sites act as DR locations for each other. This capability is built in and included with HC3 systems based on included snapshot scheduling and remote replication. Snapshots allow for easy and efficient point-in-time recovery and can also be replicated to remote HC3 systems. They provide protection against several disasters including ransomware, malware, and accidental file deletion. Scale Computing’s Snapshots can be used to recover entire VMs or individual files. By replicating these snapshots to remote HC3 systems, VMs can be recovered even after a complete site failure at the primary location.

Scale Computing also offers the Business Resilience Solution, which brings together server virtualization, end-user computing, data protection, and threat mitigation into a single package.

The Business Resilience Solution is enhanced by Scale Computing’s partnership with Acronis, which adds best-of-breed ransomware protection and data backup with Acronis Cyber Backup.

Read more about Scale Computing’s Business Resilience Solution here and read more on Scale Computing’s data protection solution here.

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